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Middle Grade with Minky is my own feature, in which my sister Minky drops by to review some of the fabulous books she's been reading. 

The Menagerie
by Tui T. & Kari Sutherland
Published: Mar. 12.2013
Pages: 288

Logan Wilde is accidentally drawn into the mysterious, dangerous world of the Menagerie when he discovers a griffin hiding under his bed . . . and it leads him straight to the weirdest girl in seventh grade, Zoe Kahn.

Zoe is panicking. Her family has been guarding the Menagerie for centuries. If they don't get the cubs back fast, the whole place will be shut down. To save the griffins' lives, she's willing to break all the rules, even if it means letting an outsider like Logan help. But the real mystery remains: Is someone trying to sabotage the Menagerie?

Who Let the griffins out....and why?
*Copy of the book was received from Harper for review. Thank you!*

Minky's Blurbings:
The Menagerie is a really good fantasy book. The characters are interesting, and the plot is fascinating. I'm sure that anyone who appreciates good books (including me) will rate this five stars. This book deserves no less. I don't think there was anything in this book that I didn't like. Seriously. It wasn't boring, there was no language, and it was really good.

The Menagerie is this really cool zoo where magical animals live. The animals in the zoo are not your typical zoo animals. There are no flying zebras in this story, thank goodness! Instead they are your traditional fantasy  animals, such as unicorns, mermaids, and even a Phoenix! Dragons and manticores abound in this Fablehavenlike place. I thought it was so cool to read and learn about all these creatures. Including the kraken!

Things go horribly wrong when SIX baby treasure-loving griffins get out! Our protags go on this crazy ride through town to bring them home. I thought it was neat how they used clues to track them down. Logan and Zoe and Blue were smart kids and really fun to read about. They were funny and kept me very entertained as the story went on! The side characters, such as Matthew and John,  had some pretty rocking skills such as tracking proess, and they made a pretty good band of Griffin hunters.

Overall this is a book that will give you an awesome ride. The writing will engage you and the baby griffins will crack you up! Children and Pre-teens will adore this story! I  loved it and i can't wait for the sequel.

Content: Clean Read
5 Stars

Have you read this book yet? Do you like Middle-Grade? Are you excited to read it?! Let me know what you are thinking! [And a big thank you to Jessi for my awesome signature!] Love,

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Welcome to my WOW, or HOW as I like to call it where I feature an upcoming release that I'm hyperventilating for! It's totally fun to geek out about upcoming releases! This event is hosted by the lovely Jill @ Breaking The Spine. Today's awesome-sauce pick is....

by Alex London
Releasing: 6-18-13 by Philomel

Knox was born into one of the City’s wealthiest families. A Patron, he has everything a boy could possibly want—the latest tech, the coolest clothes, and a Proxy to take all his punishments. When Knox breaks a vase, Syd is beaten. When Knox plays a practical joke, Syd is forced to haul rocks. And when Knox crashes a car, killing one of his friends, Syd is branded and sentenced to death.

Syd is a Proxy. His life is not his own.

Then again, neither is Knox’s. Knox and Syd have more in common than either would guess. So when Knox and Syd realize that the only way to beat the system is to save each other, they flee. Yet Knox’s father is no ordinary Patron, and Syd is no ordinary Proxy. The ensuing cross-country chase will uncover a secret society of rebels, test both boys’ resolve, and shine a blinding light onto a world of those who owe and those who pay. Some debts, it turns out, cannot be repaid.
Why I'm Hyperventilating:
Ummm, this book sounds AMAZING! Do I need to say anything else?! A Proxy who'll take your punishments? That's kinda interesting! And it's set in a dystopia-ish society? Cool! I love adventure books like this! Action...awesome world-building..?! EEEEP! And the reviews are already amazing. Plus I won't deny that cover is kinda intriguing. So basically it just sounds AWESOME-SAUCE.

What are you waiting on this week?
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Happy Pi Day! Today I've got an awesome stop on the lovely tour for SPY ISLAND, hosted by THE BOOK BABE'S BLOG TOURS! I'm very excited about the snazzy excerpt I have for you today! Read on to find out a bit about these exciting book!

Spy Island

Abby Maduro is a young girl living a purposeless existence when she rescues a handsome deserter from a German U-boat, Erich Seibold, who has washed ashore on her Caribbean island. Abigail hides Erich in the basement of her house and friendship and love blossom between the unlikely pair. Unbeknownst to Abby, St. Thomas is a hotbed of German spies and saboteurs who use their Hamburg steamers to aid the Kaiser's war effort. When island's German Consul, Lothar Langsdorff, discovers Erich's presence on the island, he forces him back into the conflict. Langsdorff blackmails Erich into committing sabotage and murder, throwing the whole island into chaos and plunging Abby headfirst into the dangerous world of German spies. When Erich is arrested, Abigail faces the ultimate test. But as long as Lothar Langsdorff is on the loose, Abby relies on her wits, bravery, and a little island magic to save Erich and rid her tranquil island of a nest of German spies.

About Sophie Schiller
Facebook - Blog
Sophie Schiller grew up in the West Indies amid aging pirates and retired German spies. She was educated at American University, Washingont D.D. and now lives in Brooklyn NY. 
Super-Duper Excerpt:
      Sometimes I get an uneasy feeling that Erich is here for a specific reason. For some terrible purpose. How can I not be suspicious when he says he only came here to escape the war? Sometimes late at night when I'm lying in bed, my mind races about the danger we're all in. I see knives gleaming in the moonlight, furtive pistols hiding under dinner jackets. And while I sit in the sewing room, the fear becomes so overwhelming I lose my ability to concentrate. The needle slips through my fingers, the pounding of my heart leaves me breathless.

       As the gramophone plays the same infuriating song over and over, "Your cunning little dimples and your baby hair, Your baby talk and baby walk and baby hair. Your baby smile makes life worthwhile. You're just as sweet as you can be," I feel like my whole world is caving in. I stand up, mutter some excuse about needing fresh air, then escape to the privacy of my room where I stroke Teddy's feathers in an attempt to assuage my fears as the tears start streaming down my face. It all boils down to one fact. I have put everyone at risk by harboring an enemy soldier. For all I know he might even be a saboteur.

      When the strain becomes too great, I decide to take action. I jot down a message telling Erich to meet me in Emancipation Park on Sunday, then I slip outside and shove it under his door. There, it's done. No matter what happens, I will get to the bottom of this.If Erich is indeed a German spy or saboteur, I will muster up the courage and ask him to leave, regardless of the consequences.
That's the awesome excerpt I have for you! What do you think? Does it get you excited to read this book?! I"m excited to get my hands on this one sometime. There are some great reviews for it so don't miss out!

Aaaaand, here is your chance to snag a KINDLE copy!!! Just fill out the Rafflecopter and you're entered to win! Giveaway ends March 31st. 11:59 pm and is open to everyone who can receive Kindle Books. Enjoy!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
don't miss the other tour stops!
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And that's all I've got for you today on the Spy Island tour! Have a great Pi day and make sure to eat lots of yummy food!! Xoxo,

Happy Pi Day! Welcome to my stop on the tour for When the Silence Ends by Jade Kerrion! I've got a great sampling of the book for you today so read on!

When the Silence Ends
by Jade Kerrion
Published: 12.21.12
Pages: 144

When you choose your friends, you also choose your enemies. Seventeen-year old Dee wants nothing more than to help her twin brother, Dum, break free from the trauma in their childhood and speak again, but the only person who can help Dum is the alpha empath, Danyael Sabre, whom the U.S. government considers a terrorist and traitor. The search for Danyael will lead Dee and Dum from the sheltered protection of the Mutant Affairs Council and into the violent, gang-controlled heart of Anacostia. Ensnared by Danyael's complicated network of friends and enemies, Dee makes her stand in a political and social war that she is ill equipped to fight. What can one human, armed only with her wits and pepper spray, do against the super-powered mutants who dominate the Genetic Revolution? America, nevertheless, is ripe for transformation. Exhausted by decades of belligerence between humans and their genetic derivatives--the clones, in vitros, and mutants--society is on the verge of falling apart or growing up. Dee, with her sassy attitude and smart mouth, is the unwitting pebble that starts the avalanche of change. In her quest to help her brother become normal, Dee will finally learn what it means to be extraordinary.
About the Author
Blog / Facebook / Twitter
Jade Kerrion unites cutting-edge science and bioethics with fast-paced action in her award-winning Double Helix series. Perfection Unleashed and its sequels, Perfect Betrayal and Perfect Weapon, have been described as “a breakout piece of science fiction” and drawn rave reviews for their originality and vision. Her latest novel, When the Silence Ends, is a Young Adult spinoff the Double Helix series. She is also the author of Earth-Sim, a whimsical and compelling view of Earth’s history through the eyes of the two students assigned to manage our planet.
Don't they both sound fabulous? Make sure to check the book out and say hi to Jade! 
Guest Post: The Power of Ordinary
Young Adult novels abound with extraordinary protagonists. I’m sure that in your travels through books, you’ve met the child of destiny who’s fated to end a war and unite two worlds. You’ve probably also met the quiet kid who doesn’t quite fit in, who discovers his amazing super powers and uses them to save the world. Of course, there’s the protagonist who stumbles upon a mysterious world that coexists alongside her reality, populated by sparkly vampires and handsome werewolves.

I’ve found two major themes running through most YA novels: the first, as I noted above, the extraordinary teenage protagonist, and second, the adults are frequently the enemy, ranging from indifferent parents to murderous despots. Neither of those observations particularly align with my observations of life.

I don’t know about you, but most days, I feel pretty ordinary. When I did go to school, I was something of a geek and somewhat lacking in hand-eye coordination (which is why I danced ballet instead of playing sports involving balls of any sort.) My superpower was an ability to excel on standardized tests (try writing that into a book…) And I don’t know how you feel about it, but adults weren’t really the enemies. Yes, my parents were (and still are) occasionally tiresome, but they were always supportive and loving. The worst thing you could have said about my teachers is that some of them were boring, but still, they were all decent people. Adults have never been the enemy—at least, adults should never be perceived collectively as the enemy. As an adult now, I should know.

So, when I set out to write a YA spin off my award-winning Double Helix series, featuring Dee and her twin brother, Dum, I wanted my readers to appreciate adults in more roles than that of the enemy. Some of them are, of course, but like the real world, there’s a vast spectrum of them; some adults even become Dee’s friends and mentors. More importantly though, I wanted my readers to appreciate the power of ordinary.

Dee, the protagonist of When the Silence Ends, is ordinary. She’s seventeen years old, and she has ordinary concerns that include holding down two jobs to pay the rent, making sure her brother gets to his speech therapy class, and wondering how to pay for college. She lives in a world populated by extraordinary people who possess psychic powers, but unlike Bella who had the good fortune to be loved by a vampire, Dee can never become that kind of extraordinary, now or ever.

Is it possible to write a book about an ordinary person having an extraordinary effect on the world? Of course! We see those heroes around us every day—people, just like us, making an extraordinary difference in our world. I think those heroes have several traits that make them special.

They know how to work with others. Rarely are heroes solitary loners. More often than not, they’re talented leaders who understand the value of listening as much as they do the importance of speaking. They inspire with their vision, but they are not too proud to listen to advice or accept help. Most importantly, they care for something beyond themselves.

Dee is that special person—a perfectly ordinary person, surrounded by psychically talented mutants—who finds her own brand of extraordinary. Inspired by her love for her brother Dum, and armed with nothing more than her wits and pepper spray, she navigates the social and political minefield of a world transformed by the Genetic Revolution. In so doing, she changes her life and the lives of those around her.

Here’s to a celebration of being normal and to the power of ordinary. Three cheers for Dee. If she can do it, so can we.
Super Duper Excerpt
Dee stalked over to her brother. For a long, silent moment, she stared into his familiar face as he bopped along to whatever music was blasting from his iPod. He did not even look at her. When had he become a stranger? She smacked him on the side of his head and remained unmoved when he raised his aggrieved gaze to her. “Are you saying that this place is okay for you?” she asked, raising her voice so that he could hear her through his ear pods.
He nodded.
“Are you sure about that? We’re moving here so that you can train with Danyael. I’d hate for you to feel inconvenienced about leaving the comfort and protection of the council for this dump.”
He frowned, his eyebrows drawing together, and turned away.
All right, so he understood sarcasm. How was she supposed to argue with a person who would not argue back, but who could hurt her just by walking away? Dee was still scowling and blinking back the tears from her eyes when Jessica returned with an armful of cleaning supplies. Dee ignored Jessica’s compassionate glance. “I thought Danyael said he worked all day. I didn’t think he would be around.”
“He isn’t.”
“You broke into his apartment?”
Jessica put the cleaning supplies on the grimy countertop in the kitchen. She tapped the side of her head. “I flipped the lock on his door. I did tell him, though.”
“Before or after you broke in?”
Jessica cocked her head to the side. “Why are you so uptight about stuff like that?”
“Because when I do it, I run the risk of being caught and labeled a criminal. You do it, and nobody cares.”
“Sure, they care. They just don’t notice.”
“And you don’t care?”
“Look, I got his permission. Who cares if I got it a microsecond before or after I flipped the lock? You need to chill out.” Jessica snatched up a spray bottle and a rag, and stomped off toward the bathroom.
With a sponge in hand and her teeth clenched, Dee scrubbed out the dirty brown spots on the kitchen counter. Jeez, I’m becoming my mother. Except that Mom had never been a nag. When she wasn’t sunk in depression, Mom had been cool, even though she had been a mutant. Dee cast a narrow-eyed glare at her brother, who was washing down the windows. Mom had not been an alpha mutant; she had not possessed the prerequisite weirdness that accompanied most alpha mutants.
I am not weird. Jessica’s irate voice snapped through her head.
Dee hurled the sponge into the sink and stalked into the bathroom. For a long and silent moment, she stared at the rag, apparently under the control of an invisible hand, as it scrubbed down the shower tiles. She looked back at Jessica who sat on the closed lid of the toilet bowl. “And that’s not weird?”
“No, it’s who I am, and I don’t like being called ‘weird.’”
“Fine, but that—” She pointed at the hardworking rag. “—is not normal.”
“What’s not normal is how gross the shower is. I’m not stepping in there to scrub it out.”
Dee’s passing glance at the shower became a hard look, and she chuckled. “Is that green thing in the corner alive?”
“Yes, and it’s really close to sentient thought. In a year, it might be able to talk.”
Unlike Dum.
Jessica’s gaze darted to Dum and then flashed back to Dee. She switched to a telepathic conversation. He can talk, you know. I asked Danyael. He said there wasn’t anything wrong with Dum physically.
I know. The problem is just in Dum’s head. What else did Danyael tell you about my brother?
Jessica shrugged. If you want to know, you can ask Danyael directly. It’s not like it’s a secret.
Who knew what other telepathic and empathic conversations were taking place around her? It sucked to be human in a world dominated by super-powered alpha mutants, and worse, she could do nothing about it.

Aren't they awesome? You're totally excited right!? You should be!! Please leave a comment telling Jade hi! Now go stuff your face with Pie on this awesome of Pi days. Thanks for stopping by!! Xoxo,

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Welcome to my WOW, or HOW as I like to call it where I feature an upcoming release that I'm hyperventilating for! It's totally fun to geek out about upcoming releases! This event is hosted by the lovely Jill @ Breaking The Spine. Today's awesome-sauce pick is....

Not A Drop To Drink
by Miny McGinnis
Releasing: 9-10-13 by Katherine Tegan

Regret was for people with nothing to defend, people who had no water. Lynn knows every threat to her pond: drought, a snowless winter, coyotes, and, most importantly, people looking for a drink. She makes sure anyone who comes near the pond leaves thirsty, or doesn't leave at all. Confident in her own abilities, Lynn has no use for the world beyond the nearby fields and forest. Having a life means dedicating it to survival, and the constant work of gathering wood and water. Having a pond requires the fortitude to protect it, something Mother taught her well during their quiet hours on the rooftop, rifles in hand. But wisps of smoke on the horizon mean one thing: strangers. The mysterious footprints by the pond, nighttime threats, and gunshots make it all too clear Lynn has exactly what they want, and they won’t stop until they get it….
Why I'm Hyperventilating:
I've been into this kind of book for a long time. I love apocalyptic tales that are done right. They're thrilling and exciting and very fun to read. And this one looks like no exception. I love the premise of the novel, I love the title and how intrigued it leaves you, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover. Seriously. Have of my excitement to read this book comes from the cover. Oh WOW. I'm not kidding.The covers are stunning, the way they fade into each other and give the appearance of two feels to the book. Plus the pond on the front is kinda awesome! I'm very much anticipating this new take on futuristic lands. And I'm pretty sure I'll be drinking lots of water....

What are YOU waiting on this week?
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I am THRILLED to be a part of the blog tour for Mila 2.0! Thanks so much to Katie @ Mundie Moms for letting me on the tour! Debra is one of my favorite tweeps and way awesome. Time to spam book love for Ya'll!!

Origins: The Fire
by Debra Driza

Heart-stopping and electric, MILA 2.0: Origins: The Fire contains a short prequel story and an excerpt to MILA 2.0, the first book in a riveting Bourne Identity–style trilogy by Debra Driza.
Inky's Blurbings:
Right before diving into Mila herself, I read this 15 page prequel. It's super short, but I was riveted. This is the tragedy that gets Mila where she is, it's the thing from her past that you learn about. It's the fire. Wow. I don't read a lot of companion short stories, but this one was awesome. Debra's writing was fantastique! [yes that is a word]. It's a pretty intense scene that we are faced with an I just could not put my kindle down. From the pages we quickly learn how devoted Mila is to her family. Her love and loyalty plays a big part in this. It's such a quick book, but one thing I found totally interesting was how at the end we start to get a feel for the traumatizing emotions that are going to come back big time in Mila. So, it's a very quick read, but a totally sweet intro to the Main Event. With that Mila!
5 Stars

Mila 2.0
By: Debra Driza
Published by: Harper Teen
To Be Released: March 12th, 2013

Mila was never meant to learn the truth about her identity. She was a girl living with her mother in a small Minnesota town. She was supposed to forget her past —that she was built in a secret computer science lab and programmed to do things real people would never do.

Now she has no choice but to run—from the dangerous operatives who want her terminated because she knows too much and from a mysterious group that wants to capture her alive and unlock her advanced technology. However, what Mila’s becoming is beyond anyone’s imagination, including her own, and it just might save her life.
Inky's Blurbings:
Mila 2.0 is a fascinating read. Elements of loss, sci-fi and teenage angst all combine to make a smash-hit that you are bound to love. I was enthralled by Mila's story. Mila isn't hard to connect with at all. She's feeling a sense of loss both emotionally and mentally. She literally can't remember parts of her past. Her voice is quite unique and I found myself really drawn into it. What a fabulous character!

Speaking of narrative voices..Debra's writing was awesome. She presents the story well, with intense scenes,  emotional scenes, and that occasionally scene in the middle. Something I love about reading YA is connecting to the characters that are my age. Feeling and connecting with emotions that I have on a regular basis. In Mila, we've got the full palette of teenage emotion and it feels totally balanced. Brava Debra! It was very fun to read, with her wit and humor woven in. Gotta love that stuff.

A Hunter. What can I say. Gotta love a hunk who gets you. The romance was pretty awesome. And they totally have some chemistry right from the start. I will say that it was kinda predictable. But it's still adorable nontheless. So, all in all. Love it. Great combo of expression and writing. Emotions abound and there's quite a bit of action. Thumbs up!

Content: Mild (Some mile instances of language)
NOTE: I will be transferring (and most likely re-writing) this into a separate review post. This book deserves gifs! And I have no time to find them. So keep an eye out for that. But for now, suffice it to say that this book ROCKS!
5 Stars

Debra, Herself.
Email - Blog - Twitter
I’m Debra Driza, and I’m a physical-therapist-turned-Young-Adult-author and a stay-at-home mom. Not to be confused with a stay-at-home mistress—those are the ones who eat bon-bons and watch soap operas all day long. The soap operas sort of fall by the wayside when you have a seven-year old, a three-year-old, three dogs (one of them seriously defective), one extremely messy husband, and deadlines to meet.
Seriously, though–my family is great. I wouldn’t change one second of our crazy, messy, unorganized lives. What this house lacks in a paper or dog-free spot on the couch, it makes up for in laughter and hugs.
I’m represented by Taylor Martindale of the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency.  The first book in my YA sci-fi thriller series debuts in Fall 2012 from Katherine Tegen Books/Harper Collins.
Doesn't she sound way fun? Go say hi to her! Tell her how excited you are for her book tomorrow! Tell her a bizarre joke! Anything! After you do that, here's a little giveaway for ya! Enter to win your own copy of Mila!!! You kno wyou want to! And hurry fast! It's ending soon!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Don't miss the rest of the tour! Check out the SCHEDULE.
Happy happy happy Monday everyone. Xoxo,

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Welcome to my WOW, or HOW as I like to call it where I feature an upcoming release that I'm hyperventilating for! It's totally fun to geek out about upcoming releases! This event is hosted by the lovely Jill @ Breaking The Spine. Today's awesome-sauce pick is....

Siege and Storm 
by Leigh Bardugo
Publishing: 6.4.13
Pages: 448

Darkness never dies. Hunted across the True Sea, haunted by the lives she took on the Fold, Alina must try to make a life with Mal in an unfamiliar land, all while keeping her identity as the Sun Summoner a secret. But she can’t outrun her past or her destiny for long.

The Darkling has emerged from the Shadow Fold with a terrifying new power and a dangerous plan that will test the very boundaries of the natural world. With the help of a notorious privateer, Alina returns to the country she abandoned, determined to fight the forces gathering against Ravka. But as her power grows, Alina slips deeper into the Darkling’s game of forbidden magic, and farther away from Mal. Somehow, she will have to choose between her country, her power, and the love she always thought would guide her–or risk losing everything to the oncoming storm.
Why I'm Waiting:
Have you seen this cover? Have you READ Shadow & Bone? Uh-MAAZE-ing! I really liked that book. I REALLY liked Mal. I REALLLLLLY want this one. Not to mention the covers are gorgeous!! Meep! And the fact that Leigh is a genius. Yeah. Um, I kinda wish it was June already. 'Nuff said.

What are you waiting on this week?
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013
Hey Hey! Welcome to the tour stop here on Book Haven for the FAB book Timespell by Diana Paz! I'm so excited to share it with you! So reeeead on!

Timespell by Diana PazPublication date: April 1st 2013]

In TIMESPELL, the brash and impulsive Julia must team up with her sweet and straight-laced best friend, Angie, and the malicious and power-hungry Kaitlyn in order to keep the witch-like powers of her inheritance. But these powers come at a cost. The girls are bound to serve the Fates, and their first mission sends them back in time to Marie Antoinette’s Paris and eventually, into the chaos and war of the French Revolution.

Inky's Mini-Blurbings: 
Welcome to my mini-review of Timeless, Per Inky style, I'm writing this late at night and my brain is shutting down. But I can't leave without telling you how adorably awesome this book is, now can I? In the case of this gorgeous purple book, the synopsis is a really good thing to read. It's a great summary and it gives a quick intro to the basic concept of the book. Because once I dove in, there are some things, like the magic that I didn't find were answered right away. If I hadn't read the blurb sooner than I never could have figured it out. So that's just something to keep in mind. 

I find the magic in this book a very interesting concept! I love how it has taken a concept from Greek mythology and pulled it away from the rest of the myths and become it's own story! It's classy and very fun. Bravo Diana. It's neat, but again, regarding the synopsis, it could have been explained a little better. Espescially the whole Daughter thing...that IS the concept of the book. 

Diana's writing is short and sweet. She's able to get her point across and give you a lovely taste of Julia's voice without giving us an overdose of description or info dumping, Julia's voice is easy to connect to and her character is just fabulous. Angie was a totally fun best friend. I  can't wait to see where their adventures take them in book two!! This is for sure a very fun read that you will want to check out if you love time travel, history and romance! 
4 stars

Website - Blog - Facebook - Twitter
Diana Paz writes books about magic, adventure, and romance. She was born in Costa Rica, grew up on Miami Beach, moved to Los Angeles in high school, and went to college in San Diego. Basically, she’s a beach bum. Diana graduated from California State University, San Marcos with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts. She loves old movies, epic fantasy, all kinds of music, and heading to the beach with a good book. Preferably sipping a highly sweetened iced coffee. 

Writing about time-travel is a lot of fun, but it’s also really tricky! The biggest challenge I faced was in revisions. If I changed anything in one timeline, there were invariably ripples that changed things in the other timelines in the story. Every change required me to be VERY thorough about going through the whole story and making sure everything matched up.

Some other challenges were in having the girls come up with viable explanations for their clothing not matching the time period, and their modern mannerisms and general lack of propriety. It was fun seeing the world through the girls’ eyes and letting them fumble their way through history. Even though they constantly got themselves into trouble, they always managed to surprise me and find ways to overcome their obstacles.

In a lot of ways, the challenges I faced as a writer mirrored the challenges my characters faced in dealing with time travel. Much like Julia, Angie, and Kaitlyn, searching the threads of time for the timeline they truly belonged in, I had to search for the best plot twists and resolutions for the story. But unlike my characters, at least I wasn’t battling demons while doing it.

.....and that's all I've got for you today! Don't miss the chance to enter this giveaway and win your own copy of this book before it comes out in April! Ooooh! Sounds excited right?! Go enter! Also, thanks to Giselle from Xpresso Book Tours for letting me get on the tour! <333
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Happy Happy Happy Tuesday! XOXO,

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