Tuesday, January 21, 2014
The biggest issue that I've had with my blogging lately is figuring out how to balance it with my off-the-internet life. I LOVE blogging and not having enough time for it is just...not fun.

Recently life has just been shoved in my face as I'm growing up and entering those years where EVERYTHING happens. School, which has always been a struggle for me is now a necessary priority and I have so many questions and things to think about. I've had to spend a lot of time trying to get myself on track with that, and I think it's finally working. I’ve been working harder and finding it so much more enjoyable than it was before.

However, on the side of that all my extra-curricular events take up a lot of time, and who doesn't love to socialize? NOT THIS GIRL! It's all just been a blur of experiences and school to me. What little time I have left to write posts I want to use to relax by jamming to music or reading. [And quite possibly wasting on social media. ]

So watching my subscriptions every morning and reading content from my favorite bloggers nearly ever yday has left me wondering how the heck they have time for it? How are you amazing people so on the ball and able to schedule weeks or even months(**Nikki**) in advance? Some of you are students some are not! I just feel so blown over with it all. And you guys blow me away with your continued ability to stay on track.  

I'm not giving up on blogging at all just because life is crazy. I'm not giving up because I have a ton of reviews to write and it's not getting lighter. I love blogging, I can't give that up! I just wish I had more ideas and things to push me to get on some sort of schedule instead of cramming posts in occasionally. Even if it’s not every single day! 

So all you frabjous people, tell me honestly, what is your trick? What works best for you! I want to know!



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