Thursday, February 6, 2014
Let’s face it. We as book lovers buy books. It’s just a fact of biblophilia. We love books and so we buy them because we want to own some our favorite things in the world. Sometimes we may get carried away but we love books so it’s okay! BUY  ALL THE BOOKS. All the big book hauls.

And yet… sometimes we call it a problem.

I’ve for sure heard exclamations of “I have a problem with buying books.” In fact I’ve probably said them myself. But lately I’ve been thinking about that and how while in some cases, yes it IS true, but it also makes me laugh; because is it really, truly a PROBLEM?

We love books! Books are who we are! Right? It’s what makes us book bloggers! We’re spending our money on things that we love, things that make us happy and things we love to support. We’re spending money on a part of ourselves. So then I ask again…is it really a problem?

Now granted in some cases it undoubtedly is going to be one. Like when you literally have a budget or financial situation that cannot and should not allow for splurging. Like right now I’m paying off an upcoming summer trip and until I pay that off I’m not letting myself buy books.

But it other cases, things like book-buying bans don’t seem to work for me or seem to matter. I’m always going to keep buying  books. I’m not always going to be able to buy splurging piles but it’s going to be a constant in my life, unless I cannot. So while I may do it often, to ME, because I love books and they mean something to me it’s not a problem.

What do you think? Is book buying a problem for you? What makes it a problem, or when does it become one? Why do you buy books? Talk to me! 


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