Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Welcome to Day 2 of the Beat the Heat Read-a-thon hosted by my pals Jessi of Novel Heartbeat and Reanna from Phantasmic Reads! I hope the reading so getting going for you all! My Day 1 was super packed but I'm ready to read and I'm super excited to be hosting a super fun challenge for you guys to add to the fun of it all.

To kick things off we're going an Unscramble that Book Title challenge! *imagine flashing lights and a booming announcer voice*

How The Challenge Works:
-There are ten different book titles that have been scrambled.
-These books range from classic to YA to popular fiction so there really is no hint of genre I can give you.  They will be well known though, so stick to that knowledge.
-If there are multiple words, the letters will not be scrambled by word.
-To enter the challenge fill out the form with your answers and submit.

Other Details You May Want To Know:
-This challenge will run from August 12 - August 18th.
Participating in this challenge will give you an extra entry for the readathon giveaway hosted by Jessi and Reanna.
-I am not hosting my own giveaway for this challenge individually.
-I will post the complete list of answers on August 19th here on my blog, as well as some honorable mentions of those who did exceptionally well in the challenge.
-If you have any more questions, ask in the comments below.


1. oLre fR hdn tisog
2. mhe gGHern sueTa
3. oGli nGer
4. ammVier epyAcda
5. didrP nej aciuerPde
6. gDiretnev
7. G mara oh rfTeson
8. keh oToB hefiT
9. raryH rPetto
10. driCne

Now unscramble the titles and submit your answers in the form below! Good luck!!

Thanks for stopping by guys! Don't miss the schedule of other challenges that can be found on either Jessi or Reanna's blog! Good luck and happy reading! :D


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