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"Come into my Tower", said the spider Gothel to the fly boy.... Okay yeah, LAME beginning to this rocking tour stop! Haha I'm very excited to present for your enjoyment, the Rapunzel Untangled BLOG TOUR! Yeeee-haaaw! I've got lotsa fun for you so don't leave yet!

Rapunzel Untangled
Published: 2.12.13
Pages: 304

Rapunzel is not your average teenager. For one thing, she has a serious illness that keeps her inside the mysterious Gothel Mansion. And for another, her hair is 15 feet long. Not to mention that she’s also the key to ultimately saving the world from certain destruction. But then she meets a boy named Fane, who changes all she has ever known, and she decides to risk everything familiar to find out who she really is. Filled with romance, adventure, and mystery, Rapunzel Untangled is one story you won’t want to put down. Discover the true meaning of love and friendship in this modern twist to the classic fairytale.
Inky's Blurbings:
This book was adorable. Short, sweet, with a pinch of magic and a dash of romance on the side. If you like fairy-tales and happily-ever-afters, this is probably the book for you.

Let's start with Rapunzel. The epitome of Rapunzel plopped in the 21st century. Just like in the fairy-tale, our MC is naive about the world. She knows absolutely nothing about the workings of the world outside her tower. Literal tower. I was a little unsure about this. That's pretty naive. She has to learn everything. And it was fine. Just kinda funny, she didn't even know what M&M's were. But that just goes to demonstrate her innocence. Despite not know anything about the world, she learns things  well and changes a lot in character. There were a few times when I felt like she would snap from reluctance to confidence in a page, or when her character would slip. I can't say that I ever felt super connected, but Rapunzel was a very sweet heroine who told the story in a great way.

Moving onto the romance. It's same old same old Girl meets Boy by accident and then they fall in love. This time through the magical internet world of Facebook. :D Now the one thing that deeply cracked me up was the fact that Boy of Interest is named Fane Fannigan. I'm sorry, but it's the 21st century. Yes the name is adorable, but come one. His character is great, and he's a very sweet guy. But the NAME?! Moving on the romance between the two of them was quite cute actually. Yes, it's likes most Rapunzel tales; the girl's intrigued by the boy, the boy likes the girl. 100 pages to love. Aaw. It's all sparkles and cupcakes.

Plot wise, we got a crazy mother Gothel, obsessed with her magic hair. Big surprise. Digging deeper, we find that there is a deep reason behind the madness. I'm not gonna say anything to spoil it, but there were some things about the magic that I really would have liked to know more about. We learn that the magic was PUT in her hair. How. Why? What? Ah well. This is just a cute fluffy book. It's all good.

There's really only one other thing I have to talk about. The Mansion. Haha. Now, what I found interesting about this was that I believe Cindy based it off an actual house. Which is really cool, because I've been to this house. In the book, she talks the house being under constructions, doors opening on walls, stairs to nowhere, and the like. Not to mention Gothel's obsession with sixes. Now, to me, this was screaming Winchester Mystery House. This is a real house near me that had a similar story. It's actually very cool. I've been to see it and so I thought it was tots awesome. Anyway, random thought over.

Am I too sarcastic? Maybe that's a flaw. Either way. Bottom line, this book was too cute. And beyond that, sure a few things cracked me up but I did really enjoy this cute book. It was sweet and a very true retelling of Rapunzel. I loved how it was set in the 21st century. You should go check out this adorable book if you are looking for a sweet chick-flick read.
3.5 Stars

-About the Author-
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Cindy C Bennett was born and raised in beautiful Salt Lake City, growing up in the shadows of the majestic Rocky Mountains. She and her husband - who happens to be her high-school sweetheart - raised two sons and two daughters. She's now blessed with two daughters-in-law as well. She developed a love of writing in high school when a teacher introduced her to the joys of escaping reality for ten minutes each day in writing. When she's not writing, reading, or answering emails (notice there's no mention of cleaning, cooking or anything remotely domestic), she can often be found riding her Harler through the beautiful canyons near her home.  (Yes, she rides a Harley.) 
So whatcha thinking so far?! Well I've got a great guest post from Cindy up next for you. On...fairytales! (What else?!)
The Frog Kissed the Princess? (Scandalous!)                                                                      Or, Why Do We Retell Fairytales?
I laughed when Hannah sent me this subject for a guest post. You know, in reality, if a girl kissed a frog she would—at minimum—be frowned upon. And she’d get warts on her lips, right?

As much as I love both the Grimm versions and the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo versions, I also love the retellings. Fairytales are timeless, classical tales. It seems that every movie, every book, every story can be in some way compared to or traced back to one of the classical fairytales.

The original versions of most fairytales have been lost beneath the clutter of Disney films and retellings. For example, in most of the original versions of Rapunzel, she came out of the tower pregnant after the Prince’s many visits (talk about scandalous!). In some versions of The Frog Prince it wasn’t a kiss but sleeping in the Princess’ bed that broke the spell. One incarnation even has her flinging him violently against the wall to break the spell. In almost all of the versions of The Little Mermaid, the Prince marries another and the mermaid is turned into sea foam. In Cinderella, she did not talk to animals, ride in a pumpkin, or have glass slippers until centuries after the first telling.

There’s a trend right now for fairytale retellings—which I welcome because I’m such a fan—but it’s nothing new. All of the fairytales have had retellings throughout the centuries from their first incarnation. Some of them are as old as the 1st century, some came about as late as the 1800’s, but in my research for writing my own retellings, I have yet to run across a single one that hasn’t been retold at some point or another.

My personal theory is that because of the timeless nature of the stories, they hold an endless fascination to anyone who loves good storytelling. There will be waves and ebbs in the popularity of fairytale retellings, but I suspect that long past the time that my footprint has faded from the earth, there will be some writer putting pen to paper, finger to keyboard, or whatever technology they have, and giving all the old fairytales another go round.
So, I hope you've enjoyed the Rapunzel fun here today! And don't forget to check out the snazzy giveaways from Cindy! #1 is open to INT, #2 is open to US peeps! Happy Thursday everyone!

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Xoxoxoxoxo's on this VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!


  1. Awww I love all sparkles and cupcakes stories!!! Not every book of course, but I do love the cheesy romance fairytale retellings. I MUST READ THIS ONE!! :)

    Clean Teen Fiction

  2. Hey, Hannah, thanks for letting me stop by and for the great review! I appreciate it. :o)

  3. OMG! Even girls locked away in towers should know about M&Ms!! That's like...heresy! But the romance sounds super sparkles and cupcakes... yum!! And LMAO!!! THE WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE!!! OMG! Good times there.. good times.

    Freaking love your review, girl!

  4. EEK I'm glad you liked this one! It does sound like an adorably cute book that you can't help but love! This one sounds super entertaining though, because it's like, modern day Rapunzel! And what other place than FACEBOOK?

    Although, Fane does sound like a funky name for modern day ;)

    Awesome review, Hinky! (I'm still deciding DON'T RUSH ME) YOU ROCK OUR SOCKS OFF



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