Tuesday, February 26, 2013
It is a truth universally acknowledged that Inky never participates in Top Ten Tuesday (which meme happens to be run by THE BROKE & THE BOOKISH). But Ink has decided today, as she sometimes does, that the topic is just TOO GOOD to pass up. So without further ado...
~ J. R. R. Tolkien
...I mean the man is a GENIUS!...wait, he's DEAD? darn....

~Jane Austen
...so many awesome chick flicks I'll never run out....or maybe I will.....

[BAH HUMBUG. My list is kinda failing. Let's try this one more time:]
J. R. R. Tolkien
Jane Austen
~Fiona Paul
..she writes historical fiction, intrigue and hot boys. The end.....

~Veronica Roth
...have you even read DIVERGENT? The girl is BRILLIANT!.....

~C. J. Redwine
...her fantasy is all the kick-butt to desire, & she likes her men swoony...

~A. G. Howard
.....she wrote Jeb. And one of the craziest retellings out there!......

~Brodi Ashton
.....this girl is crazy epic, & boy can she write! (till we swoon)....

~Shannon Hale
...every book she writes is impeccable. She'll sweep you off your feet...

~Rick Riordan
....cheers to the creator of PERCABETH!....

~Moira Young
..this girl wrote BLOOD RED ROAD...how can I not suck her up?....

~Marissa Meyer
...twisted sci-fi fairy-tales and hot princes/wolves? YES PLEASE!.....

~Sarah J. Maas
...her book was genius....I love love love love love it....'nuff said....

-J.A.Souders, Author of Renegade
-Cynthia Hand, Author of Unearthly Trilogy
-Katherine Longshore, Author of Gilt
-Kiersten White, Author of Paranormalcy/Mind Games

And THAT, ladies and gents, are the Top TEN (or so) authors on my AUTO-BUY list!! They are all Mega-Epic and if you have not read ANY of their books yet, GET ON IT NOW. But that's enough of me for the day.

Who is on YOUR Auto-Buy List? 
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  1. Amazing list!
    So many great authors.
    New follower.
    MY TTT

  2. Love, love, love your list, Inky! I agree on lots and STILL need to read Defiance.

    My TTT

  3. WOW you actually participated in TTT!!!! Way to go Inky! :D

    So many fab names on that list! A.G, C.J, Moira, Brodi, and Sarah are definitely ones that I would buy! (gosh, SO many sequels I need to read....)

    <3333 your Jessinator!

    1. HAHAHA RIGHT?!!!! Tuesday morning I was all like "OOH I love this topic. Time for a quick post!" :D RIGHT? So so many.

      <33333 you Inkinator

  4. I love your list! A few of these authors I still need to read stuff by but I have a feeling they would make my list too! <3


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