Monday, September 24, 2012
Welcome to my spot on the Reading Addiction Tour for A Life in the Service! I've got a great Guest Post and Giveaway for you!

All human beings are quirky, and I've been told I have more quirks than most. Be that as it may, that quirkiness definitely extends to the way I write. So here are a few of my writing quirks – see if you share any of these or they at least give you a smile for the day:
  • I like to put my feet up: I don't know what it is about sitting at a formal desk that makes me feel not particularly creative and kind of trapped. Although sometimes I end up working at my desk, when it comes to fiction and even non-fiction writing, I'm much happier on a laptop, somewhere where I can sit back put my feet up. My favorite writing spots are the living room couch and the comfy chair in my little reading nook (a glorified alcove in the stairs!). If it's warm enough to write without shoes on, so much the better 
  • Nighttime isn't the right time: Right or wrong, I'm just not a night person and it's very rare that I feel even remotely inspired to do anything creative after the sun goes down. Yes, I know it's downright weird, but my most productive writing hours are in the late morning to early afternoon. For me, nighttime is the time to hang out with my family, curl up with my dog and, well, sleep!
  • An open window helps: Bright outdoor skies make it challenging to see the screen on my laptop. So even though I'd love to write outdoors, I usually don't. The next best thing is to sit by an open window where I can still see the sky and feel the air. (Hmm, with a backlit screen, perhaps I should rethink the whole night thing and consider writing under the moonlight…)
  • Having my dog around helps too: Strange as it sounds, when my dog comes to sit with me, I enjoy the writing process even more. I love how she can be so close to me and still allow me my personal space…if only humans could learn to do that…
  • I like things quiet: Even though I love music, I've found trying to mix it with the writing process just doesn't work for me. I'm happiest writing when I'm only listening to the sounds of nature through an open window.
I guess everyone has his or her own unique approach to the writing process. One of the nicest things about being a writer is getting to indulge all of my quirks and do things just the way I like best. I hope all the writers reading this are enjoying the same luxury 

As part of the tour, Roberta is offering an ebook of one of her other novels, Monster Tears. Good luck!
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