Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Welcome to my stop on the Grace Doll tour! It's a fabulous tour hosted by Kathy at the EVERYTHING book blog, I Am A Reader, Not A Writer! I've got some great stuff for you so don't leave!

Grace Doll by Jennifer Laurens
Published: 8.20.12 by Grove Creek
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Grace Doll had everything a girl could want: Fame. Fortune. Beauty.
Everything except, of course, her freedom. So when a powerful movie producer forces an experimental treatment on Grace--one that's purported to make beauty immortal--she stages her own death to escape him.

With the help of trusted friends, Grace slips into hiding. She's forever flawless, forever young and forever pursued by her past.

But when a stranger arrives on her doorstep, holding the key to a life she thought she'd left behind, Grace must decide between the safety she's known... and embracing the role she was born to play.

About Jennifer Laurens, Herself
I write YA books. Whatever my heart desires, I write. I don't have someone over my shoulder, in some office somewhere telling me what I can and cannot write. Or should and shouldn't write. I listen to my heart, the center of my muse, and trust my instincts.
I've written since junior high school. An only child, I grew up writing big stories about big families. I also write YA under the name of JM Warwick. My hometown of Palos Verdes, California figures in much of my work, as does my current home of Pleasant Grove, Utah and other favorite places. I love to travel.

They say "write what you know" and I do. I am a mother, I have six children, five cats and a huge doberman/dane dog. I have a supportive husband and we've been married 25 years. Our lives, though challenging with a handicapped child who has autism, are centered in our family. My life experiences have worked into all of my novels. Some more heavily than others, but parts of me are in each story. I love stories rich in family drama, where family members overcome obstacles through love and miracles.

-Jennifer's TOP TEN Writerly Habits-
#1 Be consistent in my commitment to write every day.
#2 Write. Read it. Write it again. Read it again. Repeat at least 6 times.
#3 Have a soundtrack for each project.
#4 Take the time necessary to create some beauty in the work.
#5 Attend weekly critique group.
#6 Replace 'it' with whatever 'it' is.
#7 Show don't tell.
#8 BE in the moment of the scene.
#9 Think about the novel 24/7
#10 Have plenty of chocolate and Rockstar on hand.

Whoa. Music. Drinks. I hear ya. Great tips Jen! Awesome right guys? Guess what as a part of this fab tour there's also a.......

You could win:
$10 Amazon Gift Card + Copy of Grace Doll & Swag
Copy of Grace Doll
(Paperback open to US only, Ebook Internationally)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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