Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Today's post is a bit off topic. It all started on a Twitter conversation with the lovely Anna @ Sparkles & Lighting, and involved fangirling over hot guys. It led to talking about the seven deadly sins (aka Lust). Which led us to this conclusion...

Bloggers are the Seven Deadly Sins Reincarnated

...which led me to create that gorgeous button! Tehe! (Awesome right?) Okay okay I get it, you're wondering "Why do we say that?" and "How does that even work?" I'll tell you.

Reasons Why Bloggers ARE the Seven Deadly Sins:
Lust - FICTIONAL BOYS GALORE. Need I say more? How many of you can say you HAVEN'T swooned, or wanted to elope with a boy in a book? I thought so.

Greed - Staring at your bookshelf and STILL wanting more books to pile on that thing. Who cares if it's sagging over! MORE BOOKS.

Sloth - Forget about life, I've got a book. I think I'd rather lay in bed reading than write that history paper.

Gluttony - Um, I don't know about you but I LOVE to snack while I read. Namely, chocolate.

Pride - Staring at your beautiful bookshelves and wondering how you got so lucky.

Wrath - When publishers reject your heartfelt book request for that one book you want so desperately!

Envy - This has got to be the easiest. Can you say you haven't ever been a teensy bit jealous at the sight of other bloggers piles of books that you don't have?

Awesome right?! It totally works! In a way that feels natural and totally not deadly. Lol. But now I want to hear what you think!! Do you agree with my reasons for justifying this? Yay? Nay? Would you make any changes to the list? Are YOU a reincarnation of the 7 Deadlys? I am all the way. I won't lie.

Oh and you can totally spread this around! Post about it! Share the button on your sidebar! Tweet it? Talk about it! If you want to share the Button here's the HTML code for the image alone.

<a href="http://s1258.beta.photobucket.com/user/inkygirl85/library/" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1258.photobucket.com/albums/ii535/inkygirl85/7DSbloggers-1.jpg" border="0" alt="7DSbloggers"/></a>

You can link up however you like. To me, Anna, yourself. Whatever. We'd love your help sharing this fun statement. HAPPY TUESDAY! XOXO,


  1. Bahaha, that is so perfect and true. I convinced myself I needed to finish a bag of chips while I was reading yesterday. I also bought more books, got denied for an NG request, and envied other people's book hauls. Yup. That's me!

  2. I can't be blamed for my envy... It's all 'in my mailbox''s fault! And as for lust... It's those darn authors! Stupid Laini Taylor writing about stupid Akiva! *grrr*

  3. OMG!!! Hannah, this is SO TRUE!!!! I guess i am a walking, talking, reading deadly sin..O_O But yes I am jellin when I see others with books i dont have!! >_< Book swooning is a MUST! Sloth is a definite bad one, I would so LOVE to read more than do my papers @_@. Will put the button on the blog!

    -Keep rocking, =D
    Lisseth, Read-A-holicZ

  4. This is 100% completely me. All of it! I have no shame in admitting that. I literally have been putting off my History paper all evening for reading and book blogging. Envy and Greed definitely happen often as well. That's so bad but this list is oh so good! Well done you two! :)

    - Jessica @ readmybreathaway.blogspot.ca

  5. Haha, interesting! And kinda accurate too!

  6. OMG this is so true! I am so putting this on my sidebar. I will link it back here. You genius, you. ah, fiction boy lust........I could think of a few right now.....*drools*

    _Book- Marks the Spot

    1. Also, I made you a grab box for the button. :) because I was struggling with your code. so if you want you can put it up to make it easier for other people to put it up on their blogs. I was bored and decided to make it instead of doing my spaniosh homework... which is due at midnight. :)

      Code for grab box. :)

      aaand you cannot post an HTML on here. lol. unless..

      nope. wouldn't work. but I made you one and I have the code for it. lol.... I just figured you didn't have time to do one and I am trying to become more proficient in HTML so I made a project of it. :) It was fun.

      but it wont let me post it. lol

    2. Haha THANKS Ryan. That's super epic of you. I'll tweet you or email you or something.

  7. This is so perfect I completely agree with all of those!! The name of my book blog is actually called "Story Envy" because I'm so envious of some of the worlds and stories that authors create.

  8. This is sooo me! I'm every single one. I'll def be putting the button on my blog

  9. WHY AM I JUST NOW SEEING THIS?! This is so awesome! :D
    I must say I'm guilty of ALL the sins, but my biggest is SLOTH bahaha. -laziness-
    I'm lazy enough as it is (as you know), but you put a book in my hands and my arse ain't going ANYWHERE. Hehehee <3


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