Wednesday, December 5, 2012

And it is time for the FIRST Guest Post of the Month!!! Today's guest blogger is one of my favoritest peeps in the blog world. She's exuberant about books, she designed my blog, and she is like epic to talk to...Welcome to the blog Lisseth @ Read-A-Holicz.
Lisseth is one radly epic blogger. She's the 19-year-old mastermind behind Read-A-Holicz. She loves reading and promoting books and at the same time designs blogs and buttons. If she's not reading she can be found writing. Someday over the rainbow she'll get her book out to the world. Other interests include, Purple, Florence + The Machine, hosting blog tours, chatting and buying more books...
Behold, Lisseth the GREAT in the form of a vlog...*begin take-over*

Lisseths 2012 Faves Mentioned:
 Decked with Holly
Counting Backwards
For Darkness Shows the Stars
*Every Day
*Something Strange and Deadly
Grave Mercy
Touching the Surface
*Fang Girl
Black City

Lisseths Anticipated Reads of 2013:
*Another Little Piece
Severed Heads Broken Hearts
*In the After
Dark Triumph
A Darkness Strange and Lovely
*White Lines
*Inky runs back in and takes her blog back*
That was supremely WORTH it! Thanks to Lisseth for sharing her awesome reads and putting her epic thoughts on the awesome-sauce that was 2012! And Mr. Stuffy-kins....I am honored. :D Make sure you all make to go enter and Re-Enter the Giveaway of EPIC PROPORTIONS! Yes it's still going on, and will for another month! Woot! Share, like, enter! Oh and guess what? The *starred* books in her list? Those have been added to the list!!! Yes, some are PRE-ORDERS....*fireworks* Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh, she read Every day and The darkness shows the stars! I so want to read these books, but Every day will be released in 2013 in my country, so I'll wait... and I'm gonna try and get the other one as an Xmas gift ^^

  2. I tried to watch the vlog and my computer froze up, I had to take out the battery! D:
    So obviously my craptop can't handle it lol...but I see a few on the excited for list that I can't wait for either! I haven't read hardly any of 2012 faves, but I really want to get my hands on a few of those!


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