Wednesday, December 5, 2012
.....this is not affiliated with the Best of 2012 event in anyway. It's connected to something better...ish?....the Apocalypse. So everyone knows about the {supposedly coming} Zombie Apocolypse. Right? Right. Well, luckily for us it's NOT. HERE. YET. Phew! *wipes forehead* But Lisseth @ Read-A-Holicz and I got to thinking, er, battling, about who would be on our team of survivors/fighters if there really WAS an apocalypse.......

You are now intrigued. I mean come on. It's the apocalypse. SO. Here is how it's going down:

This is a Bi-Monthly event co-hosted by Read-A-Holicz & Book Haven Extraordinaire. Basically it's a book battle, between our two blogs. Each month we will have a new team (TEAM SURVIVAL) featuring fictional characters. This is for those who'd be with us during an Apocalypse and why they would be with us. Then it's up to YOU to tell us who wins. You can join teams and tell us which is better. It will be different scenarios and characters each time. Eventually if this goes well we'll open it up to the EVERYONE. Of course you can still tell us your choices!! :D It's going to be epic.

The Apocalypse is ready.

But seriously, any suggestions for how I could win this thing? ;)

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