Monday, December 10, 2012
Hey! Welcome to another day of NOVEL THOUGHTS. The fantastic blogger discussion meme on all things bookish hosted by myself, Megan @ The Book Babe & Cheyenne @ This Girl Reads. Today's topic is brought to you by Book Haven Extraordinaire. Yay! We'll be talking about....
Book Peeves
Book Peeves? Oh SHEESH. So many. Some random. Some not. But I'd have to say that I have some that are for sure peeves.
Peeves That Make It Into Reviews:
#1 Insta-Love
I think we can all agree on this one. It's a truth universally acknowledged that there is no such thing as Instant LOVE. It's Insta Lust. Love is when you have a strong emotional connection with some and you truly understand them and feel what they feel. Insta love can be explained like this:

Bestie Look! I see a MEGA hot guy. Oooooh! Look at those ab muscles. I think I'm swooning. AAAH *gasp* I can't breath! His smile is perfect, those teeth seem to sparkle like diamonds. Oh Romeo, I love you and I can't live without you. If you aren't by my side every second I will die.

That just doesn't work for me, I'm sorry.

#2 No Plot till the last page
No, just no. You can have a super-mega-awesome synopsis that leads you to believe the book will be full of fun action and then start it and read romance drama the whole book, leading to the end when the synopsis takes places in the last twenty pages. All the revelations come in the blink of an eye and when you turn the last page you are left to wonder what just happened. That's a PROLOGUE book. If you're setting up for the series, make it a novella. Not a full length novel.

#3 Contradiction Actions
I totally hate when you read in a synopsis that the book is full of kick-butt/ independent characters who take the charge and lead onto glory. Or something like that. But then you read the book and it's WAY too played up and they feel like the complete opposite of what you were told to expect? Just, NO.
Randomly Strange Peeves
#1 Having an amazing opportunity to eat EPIC food and then for some random reason, they all of a sudden lost their appetite.
GAH. This drives me nuts. I mean, it's FOOD. I will totally eat it. Someone needs too! It's heartbreaking to read about food going to waste. And a bit maddening. I always get super hungry.

#2 Not telling the best friend / boyfriend the secret(s) and having it blow up in their face later.
It's cliched and painful for everyone since we all know how things are going to turn out in the end. Including the MC. Generally. The smart ones do anyway.

#3 When they are escaping and there are TREES everywhere but they don't freaking climb them! 
What the heck? You say you don't have a single spot to hide but *cough* look above you!
Those Are My Peeves. What're Yours?
I'd love to hear any of your thoughts on this topic! Do you agree with some of mine? Do you have any other new ones? I'd love to hear! SPILL THE BEANS. And don't forget we'd love for you to help us decide what to talk about each month so if you've got a topic you want discussed, fill you the form HERE. Plus you'll get a chance to GUEST POST and we'll promote your blog! Win-Win right?

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Happy Monday! XOXO,


  1. Oh my gosh, your random pet peeve #2 is the worst! I hate that so much—you literally know it's coming and you have to read on anyway. And it happens in so many books! -.-

    Anywho, great list! (:

  2. INKS. I loves you so much--when someone has the chance to eat epic food, and then they don't. o_O Oh, and I of course agree on the insta-love too. OMG, HIS ABS. I MIGHT DIE, HE'S SO GORGEOUS. *says hi to him, then walks away* OMG, WE'RE IN LOVE! Me: So, when is the wedding, lusty lustferner? So I'll know to be out of town on that day when it all blows up in y'all's face. On second thought, I'll being popcorn!


  3. Your random pet peeves cracked me up but I totally agree with them, especially #2!

  4. Oh, this is hilarious! Agree with them all too :)

  5. This made me laugh out loud. So true. I totally agree with the Insta Lust thing. I think the authors, even in the YA genre, should just be honest - it's LUST. It may turn into friendship and perhaps love later, but there is nothing wrong with being human and admitting to lust.


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