Sunday, June 9, 2013
Hey guys! I've been having a pretty epic week. Lots of summer activities and parties! Plus I got into this choir I auditioned for! Yay! Anyway, it's kinda sad that these haul posts are getting scarcer on the blog. I have had no time to vlog and edit and post lately. So these might be more like monthly hauls. Haha. But here's all that's happened on the blog and in books! Plus, my signing recap from two weeks ago!! Yay!

******Three-Week Post Round-Up******
So a lot has happened on the blog in the past few weeks! Here are a couple highlights! 

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Don't miss out on those posts, and all the rest!
******BOOK HAUL*******
So I've finally have time to piece together the last month into a long vlog. It's kinda random and awkward, and I slacked off on editing at the end, but hopefully you like it! It's like midnight so I am not feeling the need to link up at this point. But all the titles and authors are listed in the video so you can search them on Goodreads!

Whoopteedo! And that is that! 

******SIGNING RECAP******
If you haven't gotten the gist yet...I WENT TO A SIGNING. My FIRST signing. It was amazing! The author, Brandon Sanderson, is one of my all time favorites and it was so much fun to go meet him with my also-obsessed-with-his-books Best Friends. Recipe for AWESOME.

So we got to the store, with a little time to spare and hung around. The store, Hicklebees, was absolutely adorable. It's and indie and was started by the owner when she was twelve. It had the most happy and bookish feel to it ever. It was so quirky and unique! What was awesome was their back hallway, where every author that had ever visited signed their name on the backroom doors and walls. They were covered in drawings!

It was totally fun to look through and find popular authors we know! And look! I have proof of J.K. Rowling's drawing of the sorting hat! Pretty cool right?

I honestly didn't know what to expect with the signing. But it was really neat! Brandon talked for a while, sharing stories about his newest book The Rithmatist, and read some sneak peeks to upcoming books. Those were super amazing. Then we had questions, and it was very fun. Everyone there was obviously a big fan, in our packed crowd. Jokes were shared and fans appeased! Of course, meeting him was also totally AWESOME. I had bought two of his books to get signed, and signed they are!

The Best Friend, The GENIUS, Inky!! & Best Friend's Brother

The Best Friend, The Other Best Friend, The GENIUS, Inky!! & Best Friend's Brother

Of course, after all that epic was over, we totally went out for fro-yo, because what trip isn't complete without it? All in all, it was an AWESOME trip. I'm so glad I got to go! Here's to many more signings in the future! Hopefully one with Ashley this summer!

There you have it folks! My month. *pheew* This was insane! I hope you all had an awesome week/month/whatever! Link me to your posts and videos and I will come spam you with awesome!! Also, GO READ BRANDON's BOOKS. You will not regret it. If you do, we'll be automatic BFF's. Hehe.


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