Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Prince
by Kierra Cass
Published: 3.5.13 from HarperTeen Impulse
Pages: 64

Before thirty-five girls were chosen to compete in the Selection...
Before Aspen broke America's heart...
There was another girl in Prince Maxon's life...
First, let me just say, it didn't even take me an hour to read this book. I gobbled it up. It was a yummy fluffy delightful read brimming with Maxon! What else can I say? The thing I love about these books are how I can read them and just fangirl. They are bascially a dystopia based Bachelor for teens, but at the essence of these books is a Princess romance. Enter my guilty pleasure. I love being able to hop into America's head [or in this case Maxon's] and read a romance gushing with yum. I know a lot of people have complained about the world building[etc..], but that's not what this book IS. These books are a love story, and for me, at least, I can enjoy the development that gives enough setting for the yum to commence.

So now, the Prince. Maxon. Love of my fictional-wish-I-had life! This book is really nothing more than a peek into his head and at what was going on in his brain during a few of the key beginning scenes. We see more of his first impressions on the selected, specifically America, but we also get snippets of the pressure from his Father. That gave him some real depth. Basically, I love the guy even more now. You think he's swoony when you're NOT in his brain. But now? Dudes, he is so worth everything. America, you better get your game on. I'm gonna fight you for him. Everything we get a peek at just made him WORK, from his romantic side, to caring Maxon, to classic funny Maxon.

Addressing the premise really quick, it mentions another girl. Well news-flash? She's not that prominent in here. It's just a mini obstacle/friend who ends up making him question himself, which adds even MORE depth to him. Thanks Daphne! :D One thing I did love was Queen Amberly. We really don't know that much about her in The Selection, but oh you guys, I love her so much. She's like the sweetest, most caring mother, and aaaw!! They have the best relationship. She balances out the obvious pressure from his Father and....eeeee!'s just so sweet.

"Maxon, this is my gift to you. I promise I will make every effort to see these girls through your eyes. Not the eyes of a queen, or the eyes of a mother, but yours. Even if the girl you choose is of a very low caste, even if others think she has no value, I will always listen to your reasons for wanting her. And I will do my best to support your choice."   --Queen Amberly

*happy sigh* So yup, while adding more depth and character to the reason we all love these books, The Prince doesn't need to be read before the Elite. And for me who is still DYING to get her hands on the Elite [hurry UP library], this is just what I needed.
Soooo know you know what I thought! What about you? Do you love Maxon? Did you read this? Do you want to? Do you even like novellas? Let me know! XOXO,


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