Sunday, May 15, 2011
The Princess Adelina: An Ancient Christian Tale of Beauty and BraveryThe Princess Adelina: An Ancient Christian Tale of Beauty and Bravery by Julie Sutter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Synopsis: Departing from the isle of Iona thirteen centuries ago, Scottish and Irish missionary bands left to bring the light of the Gospel to foreign lands. The daughter of one such Ionan missionary couple, Adelina of the German Culdee Church is a virtuous woman living a simple life, when trials suddenly come upon her. Taken as queen to the pagan ruler Hedan of Thuringia, he promises to allow Christians to worship and evangelize freely; but his mother will stop at nothing to stamp out the fledgling German church. Based on a true story, this tale recounts the courage of Adelina as she overcomes persecution, slander, exile and the impending destruction of her people…and is used by God in all things!

Genres: Historical Fiction

: This book was an interesting read. It is not the easy skim-through-it-fast book. The writing is way different and challenging. If you want to read it you probably would have to buy it. But I pretty much liked the book. It was an interesting sotry and a good change from my normal readings. Adelina really had a good spirit of following God's will and trusting him about her. I would say It could be a classic. A good Christian tale for teenage girls.

Content: Clean Read!


  1. I think that this book was wonderful! Hmm... I didn't think that it was challenging at all to read. It was amazing how she could love her heathen husband through all the persecution.


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