Saturday, July 27, 2013
I'm baaaack! It's been forever. But I been gone for three of the 6 weeks, and super busy with no time the other three. I have great priorities obviously. =] But anyway, as a result I have a TON of books. Like over 40. It's insane. I don't know how I got so many...but I did. So yup, there's a almost-twenty-minute vlog because I was too lazy to edit.

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The Book Haul
We finally come to the part of the post where I show you my books. Because of the overload I didn't want to edit and therefore this video is almost 20 minutes long. It's annoying but this is me seriously trying to not ramble. I think I did okay...obviously not enough though. Enjoy!

Again, due to crazy amount of books I don't feel obligated to type all 40+ out for you. However, once I get back on a regular schedule, I'll pick that up again! And with that said..I'M DONE! Holla! It's been cray-cray. I won't have a book haul up next week because I'll have just gotten back from a two-day camp of sorts so I'll do one in two weeks with my birthday haul! What's in YOUR stacks/mailboxes/hauls? Link me up! XOXO,


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