Thursday, May 9, 2013
YOU GUYS. I lied. I meant today, not Friday. Oops. But either way, welcome back to day two of my Bloggy-Versary party!! Thank you for all the blog love!! I totally love you guys back. This is why blogging is the best thing ever!! Bloggers are so freaking amazing!! All the love and support and bookish feels rock my world!

We all know that blogging wouldn't be what it is without the people. That is so true. Last blogoversary I had blogging friends. This year I have BEST Blogging friends. people that rock my socks off every day. Gals who encourage, support and fangirl with me! Not to mention I feel like with all of them we hit off pretty quick.
So here's a shout-out to them, and to all the rest of you awesome people that I have met!

The Best Bloggy Biffles Who I Adore

Sparkles and LightningThere's no better place to start then the Merp Squad. And the awesome Annabananabelle is totally a part of that. She is full of glitter and spunk. She has a great excitement for books and YA. Not to mention she is a part of some of my favorite fandoms. I don't know what I'd do without her to have random LOTR convos.
Fiction Freak
The Nikster is another person of mine. She has an enthusiasm and way with authors. She's snazzy has great reviews and knows how to pick good taste in boys. Unless it's in Splintered, then we fight. LOTS. Over a fictional boy. Yup, that's us in a nutshell. <333

Singing and Reading in the RainLeen Machine is like a force of nature. She is spazz, proffessional and teenager wrapped up into one! Oh the random things we've chatted, the awkwardness we've shared, it's all awesome.

I don't really have to say anything other than NATOR TWIN about her. Jessinator gets me so well. She makes me laugh, and she's got a brain as legit as it gets. Not to mention she did an amazing job on my new greenie design!

Hafsah and Asma from IceyBooks are so much fun! They have awesome taste in books, and are way fun to talk to. Not to mention Hafsah will spazz and talk writing with me late at night. How many people want to do that with a spazz-ball like myself? Automatic Bloggy love to these girls.

Nose Graze - Book reviews & blog tipsHow often is it that you meet another book nerd who lives like right by you and who you love talking books with? Well for me, this would be a first. Ashley is one of my favorite bloggy sistas! She's a genius and awesomely fun to talk to. Oh the comment chains we've had..

blog buttonLisseth is a special bloggy friend. Why? She's the very first blogger who I talked with all the time and could really call a Best Bloggy Friend. We've shared many spazz convos, she's done my blog makeover, we've hosted a book tour together...I adore this girl.

Chasm of BooksStephanie is a new blogger, but I've known her for a while longer. We were buds on Goodreads for a while, when Goodreads was my blogoverse of sorts, and before I really dove into blogging. She's a good writing friend, and now that she's blogging, I'm proud to call her a bloggy friends.

Megan is the Babest of all Book Babes. She's one of my favorite peeps too! All the really long email convos filled with fangirl, random and well...stories have been insanely epic. I adore her spunk and wit. She's full of life and has an amazing blog. Megs FTW!

Lili is my awesome bloggy friend who I love losing too on word games. She's got an awesome blog and her bookish thoughts are out of this world! I love chatting and texting with her. I've had so much fun the whole time I've known her. Lili totally reflects awesomeness.

Seriously. ALL THE LOVE TO MY BIFFLES. These are only a few of my bloggy friends. There are so many of you who I talk to on Twitter and whose blogs I adore. *cough* Like Giselle, Gillian, Kierra, Taherah and Sara, to name a few. And YOU! Everyone who leaves a comment on my blog is amazing. There are more epic peoples that I know than I can count. And I blame you for my epic blogging year.
Oh and then there are the authors that let me fangirl at them. And just put up with my readerness in general. Haha. Connecting and chatting with authors this year has been one of my favorite things. And Fiona Paul, A.G. Howard and Bethany Wiggins have been an awesome part of that. I've been lucky enough to have them on my blog, [or soon will], and they all write epic books. Yaaay Author biffles! <33 to you all.

But I can't forget the Publishers who I've been able to connect and work with. This was a huge step for me this year, and all the love goes to Harper Teen, Dysney Hyperion, Random House and Macmillan. You guys are insanely generous and I and so excited to keep working with you!

Seriously guys. There are so many things I've learned, enjoyed, that I can't thank all of you enough. And now, to wrap up my two-day bloggy party! WITH MORE GIVEAWAYS. Of course.

The Giveaways:
So it's spring, and that means spring cleaning. My best friend and I have cleaned through our shelves and got some pretty-liscious books that are looking for a new home. So I've a special mystery box for ya today! Because mysterys are FUN. Inside this box you'll find some epic hardcovers, paperbacks and 2012 ARCS. Though I might have some recent ARCS added by the time the giveaway ends!  So you really don't want to miss out.
The second giveaway is SWAG-ILICIOS! I've been saving all my collected swag for the past few months and have quite the haul! Seriously, there's signed pretties, bracelets and even an audiobook! Not to mention, A.G.Howard has been so generous to throw in some Splintered swag! [I adore this book so much and she has epic book swag. You want this.] It's all good and fun for swag lovers!! So don't forget to enter this one!

Giveaway Rules: 

  • Please be 13 and older, or with parental permission
  • If an entry is submitted wrong, you may contact me and let me know
  • NO CHEATING in entries. I check the entries of the winner. 
  • I follow the honor code, so I trust you when you say you did something. Please be honest.
  • I am NOT responsible if book is lost or damaged.
  • Open to all my loverly US followers [sorry, can't ship to my INT peeps!]
  • There will be ONE winner, who will get one choice from the ten
  • Rafflecopter ends June 12
a Rafflecopter giveaway
And with that. My blogoversary party has come to an end. THANKS TO EVERYONE!!!! I love you all! Now you have two fun months to enter and share the giveaways! Happy Thursday! XOXOXO,


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