Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Cheese and sprinkles you guys. I can't believe I'm already writing this post. TWO YEARS ago today, I clicked "Create Blog" and viola! Book Haven Extraordinaire was born. And let me tell you, it has been extraordinary experience.

I don't even know where to begin. This last year of blogging has for sure been my best yet. I've learned SO MUCH, my blog has changed SO MUCH and SO MUCH has happened. [Maybe I should call it the year of SO MUCH----it would be accurate.]

 have REALLY felt the love this year. Like seriously. The people, the authors, the books, EVERYTHING has made this a year that I love. No, my blog isn't the biggest out there. Yes, it took me two years to get where I am, but you know what? I love my blog the way it is. I'm proud of my accomplishments! Luckily I didn't have to hypnotize any of you to follow me....

...or did i.....
But whatever I did, I'm so honored and thrilled that you guys follow me!! I can't tell you how much that means! I know everyone says this but it's true. Not to mention I've had a blast getting to know you as well. and because of you guys keeping me blogging and in love this hobby, i get to celebrate today!! 
Eeep! So here is how this party is going down. I've broken it up into two days. Obviously because I have too many amazing gifs to share. But today I'm gonna begin with.. 

Statistics  as of 5.7.13
# of Blog Posts In The Past Year: 319
# of Epic Comments from You Peoples: 2,051
# of GFC Blog Followers: 865
# of ALL Social Media Followers Combined: 4,001
# of Pageviews: 86.918
Rank on Blog Nation: 4
Most Popular Blog Post: The Best of 2012 Inky Style w/16215 pageviews!
Outside of the Us: Russia has the most Pageviews
Cuzinlogic is the #1 referring site to my blog
Ranking on Amazon: 16589 [yaaaaay me!]
{To view last years Stats you can see HERE}

You guys I wanna cry. Happy tears of course. It means so much that you guys read my nerdy spazz blog!! I'm so glad that my decision to blog has paid off, and in so many ways!!! I love you guys!! So here is a special Inky hug or two just for you! [brought to you by Tumblr]
SERIOUSLY. Kudos to the booknerds!!! But back on track. Now, I've come up with three pieces of advice to new, and even older bloggers that I'm going to pass on. And so, I hereby present...

Inky's Tips of Two-Year Wisdom -that she has unfortunately learned the hard way

#1 Don't Be Afraid To Ask Bloggers For Help
      If there is anything I've learned about the blogging community it's that we are immensely friendly and always ready to help. You just have to ask. It's not worth the countless Google searches. Especially when you don't know exactly what it is you are looking for. Trust me I know.
      Don't be afraid to reach out and say hi to, or chat with other bloggers. Maybe you think like I did that you'll never find best bloggy friends because all the bloggers were already in their own little group of bloggy friends. That's not true! Every blogger is your friend, but you can't wait for them to come to you. You gotta go to them. You'll find that within days, you'll have the beginnings of a beautiful friendship.

#2 Learn How To Use Social Media To Your Advantage
     This is a big one! Why? Not only is Social Media the only way you'll be able to reach out to bloggers and authors, it's the best way to promote your blog. If you're looking for a place to start I'm going to have to go with Twitter. That is THE ultimate blogger connecting zone. It's where you promote your blog, it's where you connect with authors, where you learn about awesome opportunities and it's where you make friends. Some of the best conversations I've had with my bloggy friends happened on Twitter. But even before that? I didn't have a super bloggy best UNTIL I made my Twitter. It's totally a good place to start.

and finally...
#3 Be Yourself and Have Fun!
      Now is the time, if you are a newbie, to build your blog the way that you want. Don't worry about what other bloggers or publishers think when they come, think about YOU. Find your style and rock it. Don't compare your blog to someone elses' blog or try to change to fit the trend. Be yourself. That in and of itself will draw authors,  friends and even publishers to you.
      Even I went through a stage of blogging where I was constantly worried about what other peoplewould think of my blog. Was I good enough to be noticed? Did people like how it looked? Was I gonna be cast off by my friends? WAS I DOOOOOMED?!!!
      You get the point. Blogging is something you do because you love it. Because you love books and want to fangirl that love with others and have a mega awesome blast doing it. Yes, there will be people that don't like your blog, or even you for that matter, but there are also the people who will. So YOU have to love your blog and what you're doing or it's not even gonna be worth it.

Well my extraordinaire darlings? What do you think? Do you have advice of your own? 

Giveaway Time!!
Now this is where the party gets fun. I finally get to pay back the awesome to YOU! I've pinched together my meager student earnings to provide one heck of an awesome giveaway. If you remember, last fall I made you play a game -- guess that cover! Well, since my photo program is lame and I have no easy wat to make that anymore, I've devised a similar game for you: Name that book! Oh so original I know.

Here's How It Works:
Everyone needs a yummy read when it's back-to-school right? Well, I've compiled a list of some of my most anticipated fall/early 2014 YA releases. I have written out a one-sentence clue to each book. There are hints at titles in some of them, and I have listed them in order of publication. They are posted down below along with the month the book is released. That is all the help you get. You can guess in the Rafflecopter. There are other ways to enter, but you must guess at least two to be qualified to win. The answers do not have to be correct. You may use that handy-dandy tool called the internet to research this book. You must have fun!

Giveaway Rules:
  • Please be 13 and older, or with parental permission
  • If an entry is submitted wrong, you may contact me and let me know
  • NO CHEATING in entries. I check the entries of the winner. 
  • I follow the honesty code, so I trust you when you say you did something. Please do the same
  • Prize to ship from Book Depo, and I am NOT responsible if book is lost or damaged.
  • Open to all my loverly international followers
  • There will be ONE winner, who will get one choice from the ten
  • Rafflecopter ends June 12
Name. That. Book!!!
Book #1: A former slave in salt mines, she is now Assassin of the month.
[Publishing in August]

Book #2: A daring young hero and his lady with the fiery hair are surrounded by chaos and deceit.
[Publishing in August]

Book #3 It's a tragic contemporary that will set you on an emotional roller coaster.
[Publishing in August]

Book #4: Everyone is thirsty is this feisty new stand-alone.
[Publishing in September]

Book #5:  Can a soon-to-be college girl grow out of her HS fandom and find her own story?
[Publishing in September]

Book #6: You know you're in for a wild ride when there are trained terrorists involved.
[Publishing in October]

Book #7: Your heart fell to the depths of despair in the last book, can you survive this mythical journey?
[Publishing in October]

Book #8: My whole life is a lie. Not to mention it's becoming a movie. There's only one choice left.
[Publishing in October]

Book #9:  Flying through space on a ship named after a Greek Myth, young teens find love.
[Publishing in December]

Book #10: She went down the rabbit hole once. Now it wants her back.
[Publishing in January]

So. Those are the books! Now you are free to enter the massive Copter!! Go go go! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Well darlings, I think I've spazzed in your faces enough for one day. Come back on Friday for more gifs and yet another giveaway. Much <3333333!


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