Saturday, May 25, 2013
So this is a very spur of the moment post. But I was talking to the loverly Taherah from BOOKS AS YOU KNOW IT today, we decided that since we unlucky souls can't make it to BEA, where the party is, we are gonna do something awesome back home. And thus, The Anti-BEA Readathon was born. 

This is like the most casual Read-A-Thon ever. It takes place from May 27th through June 2nd. Basically, instead of focusing on being all jelly of the BEA goers, we're gonna dive into the books and read as much as you can. You can set a challenge if you want, but the basic idea is to see how many books you can chug through, leaving a considerably less pile of TBR than Read. 

Feel free to do your own posts or whatever you want. But like I's WAY casual. However, there IS a hashtag that we'll be using to spread the Anti-BEA love. You can tag your reading updates, chat with peeps, and we might have a Twitter party or two. It's all up in the air. But you never know.

Use the Hashtag #AntiBEAReadathon to follow, share and party! 

I think that's it. You can let us know if you're planning to join in the fun! Hopefully this will be a blast, and keep us from dying of jealousy. So with that said, share, promote and party! See ya in the read-a-thon! 


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