Wednesday, February 29, 2012
...I would be a bleeping Shapeshifter. Why? HELLO WORLD it's LEND!  And then I could seriously be a Faerie like Reth or a super fabulous Mermaid like Lish. I could be a Sylph. I've always wanted to fly. Or I could be an Empty One like Evie and HELLO, DATE Lend! Or I could be a vamp and get tased. I've always wondered what that would feel like........ But seriously, if I were a shapeshifter I could be TRANSPARENT (and that's super awesome.). Honestly if I was a Shapeshifter I wouldn't have to pick between all the awesome versions of Keirsten's Paranormally creatures. I could be them all.


Hi Blog. Sorry about the above. I just love Keirsten White's Paranormalcy series. She's doing an ARC contest for the last remaining book. UBER excited. If I can't snag my own copy. I'm going to buy myself an easy birthday present when it comes out July 24. But seriously, I have my eye on those ARCS!

Anyway if you're interested in the contest see HERE for details.

The Gorgeous Paranormalcy Trio!


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