Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm So Sure by Jenny B. Jones

Rating: 5 Stars
Source: Borrowed
Published: 11/3/09
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Pages: 312

Summary: After her stepdad enters a new wrestling reality show, Bella is pulled along for the ride as her life goes on display for all the world to see. While the cameras roll, Bella must solve a prom-queen mystery, deal with her returning ex-boyfriend, and keep her cool as she works alongside newspaper editor Luke Sullivan.

The book in 3 Words: Hilarious, Mysterious, Romantic

Rad Review: I think that if my good friend had not loaned this to me I would have died. My library only had book one. Shame on them. These books are UBER EPIC! I loved it almost even better than the first. Bella and her narrative DRAW YOU IN. Jenny Jones just has the magic writing touch. One of the best Romantic Comedy/Mystery I've ever read! Her style is so fun.

This is a serious LOL book. I was laughing so hard. The humor, puns, sarcasm and wit of Bella, oh my goodness Jenny Jones you are amazing.  I loved everything.  The Mystery added a good touch and wasn't creepy or overdone. Added the right touch to these books. Luke. Is. Amazing. Hotness supreme. He's one of the best developed guys I've ever read. But don't worry this is not oozing in romance. It's a flavor and sub plot to taste. But still lovely all the same. 

The struggles with family and her Christian life add a very realistic sense to these books. It's incredible that Jenny Jones could weave such an awesome plot together to leave you dying for more! Must Read!

Content: Squeaky Clean!

These books are the best. Don't miss Book 3: So Over My Head and other great JBJ books. Unforgettable for sure.


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