Monday, April 15, 2013
Fiction Freak
Hey guys! I've got an awesome Guest Post here for you today! One of my fav bloggers around, Nikki from FICTION FREAK is totally hijacking my blog to write an awesome guest post. She decided to talk about...BLOGGY FRIENDS! So, onto her rambles!

HELLO *glances around* I FINALLY GET TO ATTACK TWSNBI'S (Thou Who Shall Not Be Inked) BLOG! WOOHOO.

{Inky Side Note: Yes that is my awesome-sauce Nikki-Name}

SO TODAY, since Inky is 1/5 of the Merp Squad, I decided to talk about...


Okay, well. I'm going to talk in general about bloggy friends. Then I'm going to full out squeal about the Merp Squad. [which will be explained.]

  • Wonderful
  • Amazing
  • Always there for you
  • Understand your suffering
  • Will squeal with you
  • Will fight with you over YA boyfriends

Seriously. THEY ARE SO AMAZING. My non-online friends are super amazing too, but they just don't get it when I get a certain ARC or reach a number of blog followers. They can't rant with me about this or that happening in a book or how swoony this YA boy is (Okay, well a few can, but only once in a while).

They can't argue with me about who's better *coughs* MORPHEUS, INKY, MORPHEUS *cough* and they don't understand the SQUEALING that happens when an author talks to you! THOSE are reserved for ze bloggy friends. And they're perfect for that! My bloggy friends have pulled me from the brink so many times and I just want to fly to everyone's house and smother them in a group hug. WHICH ONE DAY I SHALL DO. [is this a threat?! ;)] We're totally going to have a party one day. It will be of epic proportions.

button via Jessi! <333
{Inky: It should probably be explained what the Merp Squad is. It's nothing more than 5 bloggy friends who've all at one point or another been hooked on the word Merp. Therefore they have decided to call themselves the MERP SQUAD. Now back to Nikki!!!}

FIRST OF ALL IS INKY! [that would be me]
SHE IS ONE AMAZING PERSON. She's super fun to talk to and definitely knows how to start an argument *cough cough* We battle over transportation (i.e. Morpheus vs. Jeb from Splintered by A.G. Howard) but we also fangirl. LOTS. I don't talk to her as much *pokes* but I SERIOUSLY wish we talked more! SERIOUSLY. She also seems full of irony and dry humor. But I'm probably way off. I like to read people. But I often do so wrongly. :P

Singing and Reading in the RainMy best friend! Who I talk and stalk every day without fail. We go from bookish talks, to stalkery talks, to random fun talks. I've also been on her blog a...few times. SHE'S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND I LOVE HER SO VERY MUCH. She's hilarious and can talk about the most random things! We're crazy partners! (And fangirl partners of course!)

Sparkles and LightningShe's super super super nice and super pretty. She's pretty much the more poised one out of all of us, methinks. She's SUPER generous with giveaways and presents (EVEN WHEN I'M A HORRIBLE PERSON) and she's just SUPER fun to talk too! I ADORE her and I need to start stalking talking to her more often!

MY TEAM MORPHEUS TEAMMATE. Super fun, super bubbly, super CAT LOVING. She has, what? 4 cats? And oh my gosh, THE FLUFFINESS. She's the super techy one! Sort of! But she's AWESOME at ze designs and totally awesome. Also, JERRIT.


Give it up for THE NIKSTER!!!! Thanks so much to this awesome gal who volunteered to come spam her awesomeness on my blog!!! You all need to go visit her if you haven't. She has fantastic reviews and lots of squeals! [click button up top]. And don't forget to have an awesome Monday! XOXOXO,


  1. OMG I LOVE NIKKI TOOOOOOO! Who doesn't?!?!

    Dude she is like so spot on with every one of us and OMG yes you, Hinky, are so hilarious and just epic. *runs around* DUDE Annabelle totally IS all of those things!! She's so pretty and calm and sweet and AHHHH I NEED TO GO VIRTUALLY TACKLE HUG HER.

    (Even though all of you guys are gorgeous too! But seriously watch Annabelle be half angel. I think she is *slinks away*)

    Dude, yes. Jessi's so fun, especially with the cats I LOVE THEM SO MUUUUUCCCHHHH. Which reminds me. *runs off to stalk her so I can find her number*

    Awesome post fellow Merp Squaders! LOVE YOU ALL MWAH!

    1. I have no idea, but the NIKSTER is RADNESS INCARNATE! Haha. Yes. Half Angel. That's so true! And JESSI IS FLIPPING AMAZING. <3333

      #MerpSquad FTW!!

  2. EEEEEEP I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! <33333333 x infinity!!!!!

    BAHA Eileen if you want my number that bad then email me, woman!!

    Seriously guys, life would be so dull without you. I love talking books with you guys! And having our crazy Merp Squad convos on Twitter (because somehow we end up tagging all of us in the end), even though we haven't had many lately. *sad face* We need to change that!

    *pokes Annabelle* We need to talk more pretty lady!

    And Nikki YES JERRIT OMG. TEAM MORPHEUS FTW! (sorry Inky, you Jeb lover, you)

    *Tackles and glomps*
    xx Jessi

    1. Well that's why Annabelle is my friend. Jebbers need to stick together. :D

      OH MY GOSH WE DOOOOOO!!! I miss your 24/7 chats and hangouts. We need to have one. :D

  3. This is legit one of my favorite posts ever. I love it so much and I want to cuddle it to death. It has made my entire life. You guys are so sweeeeeet and niiiiiiice and I am completely undeserving but hey I'll take it ;3 I adore all of you SO MUCH and we totally need to talk more because I MISS YOUR FACES. I also like this theory of me being half angel even though I'm *probably* supposed to be modest. Oh, well. :D Much love to you ALL. MWAH. (meeerrrrp) <3


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