Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hey Guys! Sorry this is quite delayed in coming. I've been really busy this weekend with Halloween parties and whatnot. Plus....GO GIANTS! Woot! Anyway, here is my long-coming Book Haul with some fantastical books!

So it's too late for links, but thanks to RANDOM HOUSE, Marybeth @ Manhatten Reader, Giselle @ Xpresso Reads, Kristi @ The Story Siren, Diane Estrella, and Michelle@ Pink Polka Dot Book Blog for the books!!! And to my awesometastic library. lol.

**Update: If you want to see a full body shot of my in my costume I have one up from a previous dance on my About Me Page**

Did you have as good a haul? Better? Any awesome books? I'd love to see! Link me up!


  1. I really liked Cinder, especially the cover ;) can't wait for Scarlet.
    Enchanted was super cute (here's my review for it); it's actually a lot of fairy tales mixed in! I hope you enjoy it!

    oh and here's my IMM

    1. Hah it's amazing!!! Oh yay! So glad you loved it! Eepness!

  2. AAAHHH I love your costume!! You need to post a full shot picture with a story for Halloween. :) It looks like the dress from Tangled so I love it. Glamorous Illusions was great, and Cinder is amazing of course. Enchanted sounds really good! I love retellings! It sounds like Princess and the Frog/ Romeo and Juliet. :) Adding it to TBR. Have a fun Halloween!
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    Clean Adult Fiction

    1. It is. :D And you can actually see a full shot from a previous time on my About Me page. :D Yeah right! You too!

  3. LOL Enchanted was already on my TBR! It's hard to keep track when I have over 400 on that list. I'm all like "whoa I've never heard of that book, it sounds amazing." hahaha

  4. AHHHHHHHH I LOVE YOUR costume! SO CUTE :D Cinder is sooooo great! It's so awesome :D Dualed is so great as well.

    Giselle @ Book Nerd Canada
    Stacking the Shelves Book Haul

    1. Thanks! It's lots of fun. It is amazing. EEEP! I can already tell!


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