Wednesday, October 24, 2012
{This Girl Reads}
It is now, officially, HAUNTED WEEK. Rock on. :D I'm going to scare the book out of you this week with Ghosts, Bats and Skeletons all the way up to Halloween I review a very scary, yet awesome read! Yeah! Today's theme is.....
{This Girl Reads}
Oooooh! I come in a sheet with eye-holes to tell you about 5 books I never finished, that kind-of but don't really haunt me.................

THE GHOSTS..........
#1 A Temptation Of Angels by Michelle Zink
Why? Cliche. Descriptiveness  Bland Narrative voice. Cliche. Better books too read. No will-power to return to it. A shame with that interesting premise. Never mind.

#2 Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Why? BORING. Tinker Bell the narrator was an *cough*idiot*cough*. She didn't sparkle! She's Tink for goodness sakes. There was no Pixie Dust in this book. No reason to care for any of the characters except Peter.

#3 Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick
I liked HH, but in Crescendo it was all Nora's fault. She was so stupid it drove me insane. She directly disobeyed her promises, and what she knew she shouldn't do. And it was just...not so appealing. Oh well. I was probably only reading because of Patch.

#4 Unwind by Neil Shusterman
Huh. It was a great premise with lots of great blurb that that narration. So distracting and annoying that I couldn't focus on the story of the characters. It was like Omniscent+2nd+3rd POV all in one. Ugh. Never again. Alas alck, it sounded good.

#5 Legacy by Cayla Kluver
I like princesses. And hot princes. But I drowned in description before I even got to the hot boys. And because I was trying to save myself so I didn't turn into a ghost, I wasn't able to see the goodness in the MC. I couldn't connect. It was like I was in a Drowning-Sim Tank. :(


So those are the scary little ghost that I never finished. They're very sad, but luckily they have enough fans and love their movies so they don't have to hate me. Yay! :D And that's day one of Haunted Week!  Yay! Check back tomorrow for some Bats in the Book Pages. *mysterious eye-wiggle*

What books have you never finished for any reason? If you're participating in HW, leave me a link to yours! If not, I'd still love to hear! XOXO,


  1. Aww, I was excited for Tiger Lily! (Between you and me, I still am. Haven't got to it yet.) I read a different book by Michelle Zink. It was called Prophecy of the Sisters. Very cool gothic looking cover, none of that cool gothic stuff within, if ya know what I mean. I thought it was boring.

    I read Crescendo, but I haven't read the third book, and I don't really remember what happens in Crescendo...*looks away guiltily*

    Legacy is sitting on my bookshelf right now! I haven't read it yet, though. I a bit bored on the third page, so I decided to read something else, until I got into the mood to read it again.

    So, by the way, great choices! LOL. ;)

    My Ghosty Post :F

    1. Lol. You might like it better. :D It was okay. I agree. :D I did read POTS. Haha! I haven't either. Course I didn't finish Crescendo soo...Yeah I know right? But it's really annoying when you never get in the mood again.

  2. Ooh, I finished Crescendo, but barely. It's just...ugh...Nora. I think we clearly agree on her. I haven't gone on to read the books after it. :P But yeah, I understand reading the books just for Patch. ;)

    Ah, not Unwind! That is my absolute favorite book. ♥ If you decide to read any of these books, pick that one! (Not that I'm being biased or anything. ;D)

    Looking forward to tomorrow's post! (:

  3. That sure is a lot of not-really-haunted-by books. O.o I haven't read any of them so hooray! ^.^
    My post is here if you would like to read it. :)

  4. I completely agree with Crescendo! I made myself finish it though, and the third book was a lot better. Not as good as the first though.

    1. Maybe I'll have to try to read Silence. But I don't know.

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