Saturday, October 20, 2012

Heyo! It's been another week, meaning another Book Haul. I got three books this week so check them out in the blog below!

I'm kinda out of it today so I"m not going to bother with links. I hope YOU had a fantastical week in books. I'd love to see what you go. Leave a Link!



  1. AWESOME haul! Enjoy your reads :)

    Here's my Showcase Sunday

  2. I freaking LOVE Breathe!!! To pieces!!! Enjoy! :-)

  3. What?! You live in Cali?!! Why did I think you lived in Utah? I think I'm loosing my brain. Wait, I vaguely remember you talking about moving awhile back. Please tell me you used to live in UT because if you didn't I've lost MY MIND! LOL! Anyway, I have Eve sitting on my shelf and am definitely looking forward to reading it. Can't wait to see all your reviews! Oh P.S- Cali is amazing! A lot of my dad's family live in North Cali and my sister too!

    1. Haha. Nope. Cali. I did move but 20 minutes away. Not 20 hrs. :D So I've always been in CA. But no worries! I go brain dead a lot. Oooh! I wonder where. It'd be hilarious if I knew them and didn't know they were related to you.

  4. Love you book haul video!! It's my favorite to see bloggers in real life and see their personality and how much it shows up on their blog. You are just as bubbly and fun as your blog posts :)

    Maybe Kathryn thought you lived in Utah because I featured you on my blog??? Love you Kathryn :)

    So the books. I like the cover of Eve. I'll wait and see if you like it though. I hate when books get lost in the mail. Ebooks have spoiled me because now I only have to wait 60 seconds for a new book :) Glad it got there eventually. Have an awesome day!

    1. AAAAAAAAAAAH You're awesome Jessica! :D
      Hehe maybe! :D Kathryn ROX! I know right? Thanks. Haha I need to get on that...I'm planning to get a Kindle...soemtime in the hopefully near future. lol. But it could be the near future for a day in a few montsh. Who knows.


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