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Heloooooooooooooooooooooooo!It's another day of Haunted Week, and awesome smash-up of Halloween and Books! Today's topic is brought to you by Bats and the lovely Cheyenne @ {This Girls Reads}. I'm going to share a few things that annoy me when I read, and this will play off of yesterdays, featuring books I couldn't finish. So, what Bats me out?

I. Hate. Insta-love. It's idiotic and unrealistic. There's no way to connect with the feelings and emotions of the romance it's you look at a guy and love him. Plus it's not even LOVE! It's basically an I-See-A-Hot-Guy---OOOH! Look at those muscles---I-can't-breath-I-think-I'm-in-love--Oh-Romeo-I-love-you-I-need-you-I-can't-live-without-you situation. Ick. It's not love, it's lust.

Too-Much Description
If the book is huge from the story and lots of action filled pages, that's one thing. But if it's thick because every other word is an adjective, then it's a problem. I don't need statistics of the weather from twenty years ago, and how that affects yesterday's weather. I don't need to know how many cubits make up the magical table they are hiding under! I like to read description that advances the story in ways important, but if there are whole paragraphs of useless gunk that doesn't even add to the story, I get pretty ticked off. 

No Plot
I HATE, absolutely HATE, synopsis's that lead you on about books full of action and suspense. Then you read the book and NOTHING happens till 20 pages from the end. What is this? That's not action filled. Or when nothing in general happens. The plot is focused on Romance drama and it ends with a cliff-hanger so that the real story can start in book 2. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. 

Contradicting Actions
So you love to read about kick-butt characters and you hear about this great book that has a kick-butt hero/ine. YAY! Then you get the book............whole different ball game. I really hate this kind of thing.  When you play up an aspect of the book or some character characteristic and then something completely different happens? For example, Born Wicked. The main character is described as independent. I had trouble with this. She takes a while stressing over the situation and knowing she needs to do something, but NEVER going anything. And then she doesn't stand up for herself at the end. Also, going back to yesterday's, in Crescendo, I thought Nora was being an idiot. I thought she was smarter! They talk about how she knows what's right but she does the opposite anyway. Shut. Up. Be true to what you say. Or don't exaggerate your book. 

Boring Characters
The characters, mainly the narrator are the LIFE of the story. If we hate them, your book goes out the window.  I really hate when they aren't developed and they are just telling the story. You see the plot more than the character. You don't get in their head, to their thoughts. I want to feel the story from their head. Not just see the actions through their eyes. There's a difference. And then there is the fact that they need a unique, interesting VOICE. What makes them different from the book next door? Why should I care? I think we can all agree on this one. 

So. Those are the bats that like to haunt me, or at least the ones that get to me the most. What bats are in your pages? If you're participating in HW, link me to your post! If not, I'd still LOVE to hear about things that irritate you. Rant. I don't care! Happy Thursday! XOXO,


  1. Yay! I'm not the only one that has a problem with no plot in books! When that happens (they try and set it up for a second book, but nothing happens in the first book), chances are I'm not going to waste my time with the second! I just don't understand that. A bad beginning, and chances are that no one is going to want to continue the series!

    Too much description--that was my problem with LotR. I love the movies, but I thought that the books were super slow! Ok, swear I'm done now. ;D

    1. Y. E. S!!!!! And I can see how you'd get that, but LOTR is the ONLY exception I make to that rule (and maybe Mistborn, but I didn't consider that too descriptive in the way I hate). Literally. LOTR is the best book in the world so I forgive it. lol. :D

    2. Haha, I just...watchedthemoviesfirstpleaseforgiveme. So, now I just...LotR is the only movie that had as much detail as the book, and well, the books were kind of boring for me. Yes. Boring. I don't know why, but I think it's that I'm just kind of weird like that. Fantasy isn't my M.O.

      Now, the movies? LOVED. Have you seen all the extended versions? WOW. The Hobbit comes out two days before my B-day! :D

    3. Yes I forgive you. I totally get that not everyone is the same as me. :D YES. I was raise on the Extended. Never seen any other and I don't plan too. :D hehe. Unless in dire circumstances.

      EEEEEEEEEEEP!!! Yes! Hobbit! your b-day? That's awesome! Are you going to go on your birthday? I'm trying to convince my Parents of the Midnight Showing. lol. Then we'll see about Les Mis on Christmas, :D

    4. Awesome! I am forgiven! LOL. I saw the first one on a regular disc, then I was so obsessed with it, and watched it over and over, that my mom was finally like, "The best b-day present we can get her is the Extended version set." So now I have the entire set, and did I mention that the DVD cases look like books? LOVE.

      Yes! Two days before! I'm a little afraid, lol. I hope we go on my b-day, but maybe not. I'm afraid that I'll watch Part 1, then need Part 2 so bad that I hyperventilate in the middle of the movie theater! <--Does that word look right to you? Looks funny to me, lol. I don't know about Les Mis...Les Miserables?

      EDIT: Random question. As owner of your blog, do you have to do word Verify too? Just curious. :)

    5. I LOVE THAT FEATURE!!! Lol funny story. So my Dad already owned them all because it's his favorite movie, it's all his fault I'm addicted, and then we lost Fellowship, couldn't find it ANYWHERE. Secretly I was like (Yes! If we can't find it and have to get a new one, it's all mine if we find the old one. lol) I ended up buying him one and then we found the old one so now I have my copy. Still working on getting TT and TROTK. lol. :D

      I KNOW. I'm SO mad that they spit it into 3 parts. GRR. Now we have to wait longer. Luckily I think that part two will be releasing 6 months later instead of a year. A year would be CREW-ELL. *lol-it's like the book*

      Wait. Do I have CAPTCHA?! Please don't tell me I do. I don't have it when I comment and I didn't think I had it....if I do I will spazz and take it off.

    6. AWESOME! SISTERS IN GEEKINESS OVER THAT FEATURE! Really? That's so freaking awesome! I hope it works for you! (Dude, it's neither of my parents fault. I just love them.) TROTK is like 8 hours long! I mean, wow. It's so super long, and I it's guts!!

      3???!!!! NOOOOOO! I thought it was only two... :'(

      That would be awesomez. Six months is definitely better sounding than a year! I want it all to come out at once....then I want the geeky extended version! LOL. (I wonder if it will look like a book too??)

      Yes! You do. *Don't hurts me! I speak the truth!* I don't think I've ever had it, so it's weird that your blog automatically had it. Hmm. I don't have it, do I? I know the spazzing feeling, lol.

    7. I KNOW RIGHT? I'm not blaming them. I love being addicted. Haha. It's amazing. I'm planning a Marathon. :D I KNOW!!!! I freaked out when I heard. I guess they are taking stuff from the appendix at the end of LOTR. That's cool, but seriously? 3 Movies? No no no no nooooo. I'd rather have a 5 hr movie all at once. :D

      I know I know!!! there's bound to be an extended edition for the movie. :D I'm not buying it till it's out. :D Lol.

      Shoot. Really? How did I not know this? Okay. Well that stinks. I'm not gonna hurt you. :) Thank you for telling me. No, you don't. I'm going to go figure out how to get rid of it. Gargh. Yes. Mad Spazzing right now.

    8. I LOVES BEING ADDICTED! Marathon? Dude, I have tried that. I just don't have the patience to watch 20 hours of film at once, I just can't sit still for that long! Dude, I'm watching your "CAN'T WAIT" Bar, and I can't wait for Scarlet either! I got Prophecy in the mail though...if I read it and you wanna borrow it, we can maybe do that! (I may want it back, though. I don't know yet. ;))

      I would definitely rather watch a freaking 5 hour movie than WAIT for part 2 and 3. :(

      I'm so having the extended edition, lol.

      That's awesome! I is alive!! I'm glad I don't have it, because man, those numbers are blurry! That sucks. Spazzing is over, right? ;)

    9. I Know Right?!!! I think I could...with mini breaks inbetween and LOTS of Party Mix. I <3 Party Mix!!! IKR. Some friends got it and I'm like SO hoping Macmillan will share the love with me. :D Ooooh! Prophecy!! EEEP! I LOVE YOU FOR OFFERING!!! I'd love to read it OBV. But let me know when you finish if you still want too. :D Haha. Yes, of course I'd send it back. Think of it as a mini ARC-tour. :P

      *rantings begins at the tragic story of the 3-part Hobbit Movie Wait* OKAY. I think I fixed CAPTCHA. Can you please tell me if it's fixed? I took it off Word Verification. If it's still there. I. Will. Scream. You've been warned. :D

    10. Bwahaha, it's just so hard to sit still for that long! I can't EVEN READ while sitting still. It's just not happening for me. I'm not much of a fan of Party Mix, but I like Popcorn! I would LURVE to get Scarlet. Macmillian is notoriously hard to get stuff from! I requested The Nightmare Affair, and I still have no clue about it! I will totally let you know! (Mini-ARC tour. LOL.)

      I believe you have, because I haven't gotten it the last few times I've commented...are you done participating in Haunted Week? :(

      I have been warned! (I totally that that we should stop with the Hobbit movie. We'll just upset ourselves. ;))

    11. I have moved out convo to email. :D Check for my reply.

  2. Great post! I agree with you on each point, Hannah! Insta love is on my list, too. :)
    Here is my list.

    1. Awesome! It's SO easy to pick out bad stuff isn't it. lol.

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