Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Everyone, it's that time. 
To tell you things. 
That I wish didn't need to be said
but they does, and they are:


I know it hurts to hear it,
But that's the way life is.
I need this break badly
nothing you say can stop me.

It makes me sad to write this post
but so it has to be
It's time to face the truth 
and deal with hard reality.

School has come and with it
lots of things to do.
Study here, study there.
this is gonna be my life.

Lots of focus will be made 
because there's lots to be done
and so it saddens me to note
that blogging will come last.

But only for a little while!
you may reassure your fears
Book Haven is here to stay
I'm still Extraordinaire.

It'll only be one month's time
until I will return.
And oh the books that I'll have read
the things we'll have to talk about!

So until then please don't be sad 
don't wallow in my stead
Instead of that, embrace your life
maybe write a poem or two!

Don't forget to talk to me
I'll be around you know!
and so with that quite happy note
it's time for me to go.
I'll miss you all
but I'll be back
At the end of September!


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