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Melissa A. Hanson lives in Southern California, with her husband, Eric of 17 years, and two sons, Cody 12 and Cole 5.  She obtained a bachelor of architecture degree from Cal Poly Pomona and works as an architect. In her free time she loves reading, and scrapbooking. “A Healing Heart” is her first completed novel.

Today I get the privilege of interviewing Melissa, after reading her incredible self-published book, A Healing Heart. 


Inky: If you could have any superpower what would it be?
Melissa: The ability to see into the future.

Inky: When did you know you wanted to be a writer?
Melissa: During high school.  I’d been reading for fun since I was in grade school, I had a close friend who also loved the same types of books and we were constantly sharing books. I wrote a lot in high school, short stories, my first novel was hand written then painfully typed on an ancient computer, and it sat, still sits in a box up in my closet.  I was on the newspaper staff, just loved writing.

Inky: What's your favorite color? 
Melissa: Green

Inky: Who was the most influential and supportive person in the process to publication?
Melissa: I have two of them. Taylor Gustafson, was one of my babysitters for my youngest son. Taylor was also the first person I sent rough drafts to asking what she thought.  It was her complete excitement that kept me pushing forward.  The second person was Jenny Cunvong.  She helped with more of the preliminary editing, giving input and ideas when I was stuck.  

Inky: Stripes or Polka Dots? 
Melissa: Stripes, if you looked at my boys closets that's all they've got in there!

Inky: What was the most exciting moment in the process from writing to publication?
Melissa: Seeing it formatted on my computer screen, selecting the fonts I wanted to use, and knowing I was going to make it happen.

Inky: Favorite book Genre? 
Melissa: Romance, Historical and Contemporary 

Inky: Did you base any characters on people you know?
Melissa: There are bits of me in Bailey, bits of my husband in Collin, pieces of several of our babysitters in Bailey, and a little bit of my youngest son Cole, in Riley.

Inky: Favorite movie? 
Melissa: Fools Rush In, Some Kind of Wonderful, Titanic, Days of Thunder, Jerry Maguire, The Hangover

Inky: If you had to pick another title for your book what would it be?
Melissa: Can’t.  Once I had my title it fit in so many ways, I just couldn’t see it named anything else.

Inky: Rain or Shine?
Melissa: Shine, but I love the smell after it rains.

Inky: Any Writing Rituals?
Melissa: Most of the book was written in the middle of the night on weekends after the kids were asleep, the house quiet, music in the background (mostly the musical scores from the movies, Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse, final editing was mostly to the score from Breaking Dawn part I.) the music was calming, no words, helped me concentrate. I’d have my diet chocolate coke, at the computer and start writing, one word after the next.  Then after each chapter, and sometimes even mid chapter I’d send the completely rough, unedited drafts to Taylor for her input.

Inky: Favorite Veggie?
Melissa: Green Beans! 

Inky: Favorite quote from your  book?
Melissa: Near the end Riley tells Bailey “Baiwey, you love me!”


Thanks for the interview Melissa! It was fun getting a little more depth into you after reading your book.
 Make sure you get the kindle or paperback copy of A Healing Heart from amazon. Incredible YA contemporary. See my review of Healing Heart HERE
You can also visit Melissa on FACEBOOK and GOODREADS 



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