Tuesday, September 11, 2012
Well it's time for another round of Books That Didn't Hook Me. Featuring books that I never finished and didn't deserve it in the first place. The purpose of this is not to give long blurb reviews but to share why this book didn't work for me in a couple paragraphs. The thoughts expressed are solely my own.

Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby
I snagged this book for a cute read quite a while ago. It looked fun and had a very cute premise. But honestly....the cover is better than the content. It's not that this book was bad or overdosed in content, it was that it was BORING. For one it wasn't even written in 1st person. I didn't get the connection to Emma one bit and it was just bland. I mean when you encounter phrases like "Emma croaked" often it's distracting from the story. Maybe that's just my Inner Editor talking but whatev. I'm sure this is a cute book and ends well, but for my it was too boring to earn finishing rights.

Freshman Year & Other Unnatural Disasters by Meredith Zeitlin
This book sounded SO cute and I was really excited to read this fun mid-grade early teen read. Then I started it. There was nothing wrong with the book. It was ALL content. These are FRESHMAN, not players. There was so much innuendo and language in the first 50 pages I couldn't finish! I can take some, but this just didn't seem to fit with the age the book was written for. And then there's a very prominent thread with a lesbian. Um, a little too much. I really wish I could have enjoyed it, but it just didn't work for me.

Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson
I wanted to read this book so much! A twist on Peter Pan about Tiger Lily? Sweet! And narrated by Tinker Bell? ROCK ON. But alas and alack, this book fell into that BORING category. It felt a little too wordy and sometimes sporadic. I didn't connect to Tiger Lily and all and for all her "warrior blurb" she just didn't deliver. And here's what breaks my heart the most....Tinker Bell wasn't....Tink. Come on. It's freaking TINK narrating. Where are the sparkles and pixie dust? Where is the snark and sass? Where is the puff-ball we know and love from Disney? She was boring. I mean she was constantly using phrases like "I MUST CONFESS". You are Tinker Bell. You DON'T confess. ;) Garrrr. Oh well. So this book just didn't work. I didn't even care about Tiger or Peter or Tink enough to finish.


So those didn't work for me. Have you read any of them? Did you think differently? I've love to hear what you think. Point me to your reviews even. Happy Tuesday.


  1. Haven't read any of these although I've looked at all of them. I will probably not bother as I wasn't very excited anyway and your DNF's provide ample reasons to avoid.

  2. I loved the cover of Fairy Bad Day, and your right it was a bit disappointing. I read and reviewed it a year ago and can't really remember the details, but I remember it had some awkward lines and cheesy-ness... lol. I liked the ending though. Now that I have a mile long to-read list I'm not sure if I would've stuck out the read either. I prob would just because it's hard to leave books unfinished.
    My Review if you're curious.
    I looked at Tiger Lily borrowed from the library for a few weeks but never picked it up to read. Once I realized it would be told from Tink I lost interest.


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