Friday, November 2, 2012
Guys! I've got some exciting news! The amazing Kathy at I Am A Reader, Not A Writer, has agreed to  host a hop with me come January! I'm so psyched to be co-hosting this fun hop! *psst* I even made the gorge button. You REALLY don't want to miss out on this fun topic! Read the rules and sign up below! There are going to be some fabulous stops on this hop and you know you want to be one!

Back to the Future - A Giveaway Hop Across Time
January 22nd to 28th

This hop features books in the past and future. No present day. Anything dealing with time-travel to historical times are welcome. Unless it's a historical setting where they travel to present time. Historical Novels and Futuristic novels are also welcome even with no time travel. 

Please be sure you have reviewed ALL the giveaway hop rules if you have not hopped with me recently. Hop Rules can be found here:

Back to the Future Hop Rules:
  • Only 1 of your entries can be mandatory and any other must be optional.  Be aware that many people do not have a twitter or facebook account.  If your mandatory entry requires to follow you on twitter or like you on facebook you are automatically excluding people who may want to enter.  Entries must be simple and be able to be done on one visit to your blog.  Less is more - no long lists of things for people to do. As with all my hops if you have over a dozen possible entries you will be deleted from the linky.
  • Your blog & giveaway must be family friendly.  If you have steamy book covers in your header or sidebar you will be deleted from the linky.  I should be completely comfortable viewing your site with my husband or any one of my 5 children sitting by my side. If in doubt please ask.  I've been a little lax in the past but beginning with 2013 Hops I will be much more strict.
  • Your giveaway must be specifically for the hop.
  • If you are using rafflecopter... Set the rafflecopter to begin accepting entries on January 21st and to stop accepting entries on JANUARY 29th. Use caution when using weighted entries.  If you mark a task as being worth +10 that counts as 10 entries and will get you deleted from the linky list.  Please see these examples: (Correct Rafflecopter - Unacceptable Rafflecopter).
  • Your giveaway must feature a book that deals with the past or future.  You can have 1 winner or more than 1 winner.  Your winner can choose from a list of books. 
  • If you are giving away a gift card your post must spotlight at least 1 book that meets this hop criteria.
  • All posts need to be up by 12:01 AM on January 22nd.  Up to 24 hours early is fine.  10 minutes late is not. Once your post is live AND accepting entries please email me a direct link so I can update the linky.
To sign up to host a giveaway add your blog or website to the linky with your shipping info in parenthesis following your blog name.  If you forget I will assuming you are shipping to the US only and add (US) for you.

That's IT! You're in! Thanks for joining the hop! I can't wait to see your post!

1 comment:

  1. Hi i couldnt seem to see the linky. is this hop already closed? thank you


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