Thursday, July 19, 2012
Hey everyone, I'm going to make this quick since it's really late, but I'm going to MOSTLY OFFLINE for the next week and a half. Why? First, I'm moving tomorrow and Saturday and we have to disconnect the internet. I might be on on Sunday if it's back up and running, if no you won't see me till Monday night or Tuesday, because I'm going out of town Monday. We have a family reunion.

Yes, TWO DAYS after we move. So anyway. I'll have internet on Tuesday and some of Monday but after that...maybe wednesday?......I'll be gone till Saturday, and then I'm going to be very on and off so just know that I won't be on everyday. There will be a lack of reviews until I get seriously caught up.

I'm sorry. I know I have like 6 waiting to be posted. Ack. My life is just one hectic mess. But anyway. To keep you busy while you wait for my posts...............

a fantastical You Tube series about a Modern Day Pride and Prejudice. 

TNT! Happy Booking/Blogging!


  1. Cute video! I'm going to have to watch more. Have fun on vacation!

    1. Oh and good luck with the move. I hate moving! Uggghh all the boxes. I'm not a fan of packing and unpacking and cleaning. lol


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