Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Basically the objects of these posts are to talk about a few books that I didn't really like, ones I might have quit or just gave a really low rating. I don't like to be quite harsh at books an authors, but the opinions expressed are entirely my own thoughts. 

Haven by Kristi Cook
Quite a few things in this book bugged me. I've cut down my long review to spotlight the main points. 
Thing 1- Psychic's and Vampires DO NOT WORK TOGETHER. They are two separate Supernatural worlds. Don't smash them together. It's awkward, weird and just...doesn't work. 
Thing 2- C.L.I.C.H.E. 
NEW GIRL @ A BOARDING SCHOOL -why is everyone a new girl going to a boarding school these days?
HOTTEST BOY FALLS IN LOVE WITH NEW GIRL. The guy never noticed any other girl before why now? 
The guy and his DEEP DARK SECRET. So deep and dark he has to keep it from the girl and it tears them apart. 
VISIONS. Why is everyone having visions? Is there something about boarding schools that just attract them? 
Thing 3- The Pacing. 
It felt like it wasn't formatted very well. You have your traditional romance the first hundred pages. It just didn't work for me. I felt like they didn't even know each other and it was so fast. And then there are all those romantic conflicts that didn't work either. I wished more had happened. I mean the main conflict was the last 30 pages. (see below for thoughts) And the stuff isn't figured out to the end. Really bad pacing and plotting. 
Thing 4- The Content 
WAY to much content for my liking. ((A few instances of S-word, one time for F-word, and lots of OMG phrases throughout. LOTS of sexual tension,innuendo,desire, etc... 
And just he whole Vampire biting thing. ))
Thing 5- The Ending. 
Okay, you are 30 pages from the end, Turn the page and... DIE DIE DIE Die? Wake up the next morning, everything is fine, new headmaster, everyone will get along fine. The bad guys show up and's over. There is like no conflicting moments before she is killing the bad guys. That's it? That's the end? I was waiting for something bigger. 
Thing 6- The Writing. 
I will give Kristi a little bit of credit in her writing. I flowed really well. But that's it. Oh and the fact that she summed up all the questions at the end was good. Other than that.... 

What about you? Did you enjoy Haven?


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