Thursday, April 12, 2012
A Great and Terrible Beauty * Rebel Angels * The Sweet Far Thing
by Libba Bray

Published: 12/9/03 * 8/23/05 * 12/26/07
Publisher: Simon and Shuster
Pages: 403 * 548 * 819
Ratings: 3.5 stars to the series 

The Series in 3 Words: Interesting, Annoying, Confusing

Thoughts On the Series:
A Great and Terrible Beauty
This one actually kept my interest. I'd heard bad and good blurb about the book and it seemed like a Love-It-or-Hate-It kinda book. So I wasn't sure what to expect. I love Victorian settings so I enjoyed the one presented at Spence Academy. But it was confusing. I found a lot of things about the magic and paranormal aspect to confuse me. There were times I'd stop reading and have to run over what I had just read to try and straighten it out in my head. I did get the gist and enjoyed it enough to continue on the the second book though. Quite and interesting topic though. And dark.

Rebel Angels
Huh. I can honestly say that this book was my favorite of all three. 4 stars to this one. I kept my interest the best and was really good. Maybe because it was out of Spence Academy so I liked it. Probably the most well written, because I enjoyed it the most. Yes I think I got a couple things confused, but Libba was so much more clear in this book. I like books where I'm not confused, and I especially like it when things are summed up so I get the clear picture once again. I did think that the storyline is quite interesting and a bit strange. It almost felt like it couldn't work. But it worked well enough so I decided I'd read the last book.

The Sweet Far Thing 
This was the worst book in the trilogy for me. It dragged on and kept confusing me with what actually needed to happen to solve the problem. It just got way to long and to much. Plus she sprung few things on me that I didn't like. I was so annoyed at Gemma in this book, well and all the other characters. They were so messed up and seeming to go back on what you learned about them in the other books. The ending also drove me insane. More on that later. So overall, yes I didn't like this book. A pitiful 2 stars. Can't even remember something I liked. 

The Content: Moderate-Heavy
((Some desires and thoughts and weren't exactly appropriate. A boy shows up in a girls room multiple times. Two girls are gay and share a kiss. Possibly some light language throughout. Some light violence and threatenings. ))


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