Monday, April 16, 2012
Spotlighting books that I would die to have an ARC of!

Endlessly by Kiersten White
Try as she might, Evie can’t seem to escape her not-so-normal past. And what was supposed to be a blissfully normal school break is ruined when a massive group of paranormals shows up at her house, claiming that Evie is the only one who can protect them from a mysterious, perilous fate. The deadly war between the faerie courts looms ever closer. The clock is ticking on the entire paranormal world. And its future rests solely in Evie’s hands. So much for normal.

I have already done this for Waiting on Wednesday, but I seriously can't wait for it! It's killing me! I need this book like NOW! I love Kiersten and her writing style and humor. Uber-excited for this book! And LOOK AT THAT COVER! AAAH! *insert Hyper-Dance!*

Violins of Autumn by Amy McAuley
When the Germans begin bombing London in World War II, Betty is determined to do her part. Instead of running air raid drills like most girls her age, she lies about her age and trains to become a spy. Now known by her secret agent persona, Adele Blanchard, she finds herself parachuting over German-occupied France under the cover of darkness to join the secret Resistance movement. Prepared to die for her cause, Adele wasn’t expecting to make a new best friend in her fellow agent or fall for a handsome American pilot. With the brutality of war ever present, can Adele dare to dream of a future where the world is at peace and she is free to live and love of her own accord?
I LOVE YA historical, so this book looks FABULOUS. And that cover....why are they so tempting?! Anyway, the idea of this book looks SO GOOD and I can't wait to read it. If I can wait till June that is. I mean look at it! A girl pretending to be a guy in the middle of WW2? AWESOME SAUCE! Can't wait for this book! 

Survive by Alex Morel
Jane is on a plane on her way home to Montclair, New Jersey, from a mental hospital. She is about to kill herself. Just before she can swallow a lethal dose of pills, the plane hits turbulence and everything goes black. Jane wakes up amidst piles of wreckage and charred bodies on a snowy mountaintop. There is only one other survivor: a boy named Paul, who inspires Jane to want to fight for her life for the first time. Jane and Paul scale icy slopes and huddle together for warmth at night, forging an intense emotional bond. But the wilderness is a vast and lethal force, and only one of them will survive.
Doesn't this book look cool?! I've honestly not read many books similar to Hatchet with that whole survival plot, but this one really intrigues me. Maybe by the fabulous cover. I am so weak for those. Either way I CAN'T WAIT for this book! Totally intriguing plot line, and I'm excited for it. 

Endlessly Publishes: July 24th
Violins of Autumn Publishes: June 19th
Survive Publishes: August 2nd


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