Saturday, May 12, 2012

Today I get to welcome another fabulous book blogger to the spotlight! Welcome to Lauren from Epilogue! YAY! Lauren has such a fun blog so I'm glad she agreed to come to stop by!

Welcome Lauren!

M&M's Or Skittles?
M&M's... Mmm Chocolate!

Besides a love of books what made you want to share your reviews w/others?
My friends kept Bugging, err,  asking for recommendations and it is so much simpler just handing them a URL or else I will forget important books!  Plus this way I keep track of what I have already read and enjoyed!

Most excited books to read this year?
I cannot wait for Insurgent by Veronica Roth & Broken by C.K. Bryant

When did you start really reading a lot?
Always.  When I was little my mom read to me all the time. Now I carry on the tradition alone. =)

When you aren't blogging, or reading what could you be found doing?
Sleeping.  I am also still in school so that takes up most of my time. :/

What's your Favorite Book Genre to read?
YA paranormal romance or YA fantasy... it's a hard call!

Are you more inclined to check out books or buy them? 
I used to always check them out... blogging has brought out the buyer in me!

Mismatched or matching socks?
Whatever's clean 

Could you say that reviewing from a bloggers perspective has changed how you think about books?
Yeah, I have gotten a little more critical.  I used to like almost everything I read: mainly because I didn't pick it up if it didn't look good. 

If you had to rename your blog what would it be called?
Maybe, "That Crazy Book Lady" no idea. That's hard!


Thanks for stopping by Lauren! It's been fun!
Make sure you stop by and check out her fabulous reviews!


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