Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Author: Emily Franklin
Published: 10. 1. 08 by Flux
Pages: 257
Rating: 5/5 Stars

In this modern love story, Cyrano de Bergerac is reinvented as a brilliant and funny seventeen-year-old . . . girl. A tennis champion, straight-A student, and editor of the school paper, Cyrie Bergerac has learned to live with her (ahem) peculiar proboscis. And she's got an armory of witty retorts for every schnoz joke that comes her way. But despite her talents and charm, Cyrie is convinced that no guy--hot or otherwise--would deem her crush-worthy. Certainly not Eddie "Rox" Roxanninoff, who's gorgeous, smart, and genuinely nice to boot.

There's someone else smitten with Rox, too. It's Leyla, Cyrie's pretty yet tongue-tied best friend. Helping Leyla seduce Rox through email provides a wonderful way for Cyrie to express her true feelings. But watching her crush hook up with Leyla may be more than she can take. Will Cyrie find the strength to risk it all--nose be damned--and confess her love?

Blurb From Inky: Cyrano De Bergerac is one of my FAVORITE books ever. It's a fabulous play, so funny and just a great read all around. So I was super excited to find this really sweet retelling of the play. The characters are mixed around to make it work.

I had a blast reading this. I was so fun to relive this story in a fresh way! This book was original and creative. Ah, it was a delight to the soul. Just re-living the events from the originally in a new way was great! It was all so well put together to retell the classic story.

I always love finding a really well done retelling and this for sure fit the bill. Very fun read.

Content: Mild
(Language scattered around (OMG, S***, D***) A couple moments of innuendo, a few kisses)

Have you read Cyrano de Bergerac? Whatcha think? If you haven't are you interested now?

This review is 100% from Inky's brain. Use of this review w/out consent is prohibited.


  1. I have't read Cyrano De Bergerac but I'm interested now. I have to say that I love the cover of this one. Purple is my favorite color so I love the girl's sweater. :)

  2. Is it like Penelope? I haven't heard of Cyrano De Bergerac. It sounds fun though. I'm interested.


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