Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
This week's theme is "Top Ten Authors You'd Like To See On A Reality TV Show". I love funny so here are some of my favorite funny authors I think could totally rock a TV show.

(Note: These authors are not necessarily in order of favorites)

1. Jenny B. Jones
If you've read any of my review about Jenny's books you'd know that I LOVE them. Why? She's a hilarious writer! I'm sure just as much in person. I would LOVE to meet her and can only imagine what a reality show with her would be like!

2. Kiersten White
Another fabulously funny author I love! Not to mention I've watched quite a few blogs that she's done and trust me, she's great. I would love to watch a show called "The Life and Times of Kiersten and the Taser".  (taser-a very common thing in K's blogs)

3. Veronica Roth
I love reading Veronica's blog, and her books! She's got another great sense of humor and is also just fun if not funny. Love seeing new posts in my reader. She would be great on a reality show. I would totally watch one with her.

4. Janette Rallison
Another favorite chick-lit/ funny author! Why is it that my favorite authors are funny and blog amazingly?  Either way it works to my advantage. Janette would be fabulous on a show!

5. Shannon Hale
YES to Shannon Hale. I LOVE her books and blog.  (yeah yeah old news) Shannon is so funny and I'd LOVE (again with the old news) her on a show! She's got this really cool taste/style that I could just see being amazing.

6. Lindsey Leavitt
Lindsey also has a sweet funny side to her writing. Her books are snarky and cute and I just love them to pieces! She has a fun blog as well and would make a great Reality Show Gal.

7. Lisa T. Bergren
MAJOR Epic over here guys! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her books. She's got her historical and romance down to a science. And can she write! She's funny, and amazing all in one. I would freak if she was on a show.

8. Jane Austen
Honestly this was be a totally cool show. I can't say I know a ton about Jane but I LOVE her books and think that if she's anything like some of her characters, a reality show with her would be AMAZING.

9. Rick Riordan
Yaya for a guy author. I really like all Rick's Mythology books. From Percy Jackson to Kane chronicles. He knows his stuff. And he can also write funny jokes. Yeah he would be good. Espescially for  Mythology trivia game show.

10. J. R. R. Tolkien
Now I don't know about you but I sure think this guy can write an EPIC fantasy. I'd be really interested to watch a show with him on it.

So those are my ten authors. Wow, I will admit this was a hard one to come up with! But it was fun! Who would you choose? Link me up if you participated!


  1. Great choices! I like the way you really mixed it up and threw Jane Austen and J.R.R. Tolkien in there.

  2. I've only read about half these authors so I'll definitely have to check out some of the others! Great list!

  3. Agreed. YES to Jane Austen and Shannon Hale and all! I love these authors.


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